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Espresso spoons from Villeroy & Boch – The tiny spoon that packs a punch

Espresso has now become a daily part of many people's lives – and so have the espresso spoons from Villeroy & Boch! Discover the little heroes of the coffee table. Read more...

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Elegant espresso spoons from Villeroy & Boch

Always making the right statement

Some people find morning difficult and need their first espresso or Turkish coffee as early as possible; others can wait until the end of a leisurely dinner in the evening. Espresso has become part of our everyday lives, so espresso sets and spoons are an essential part of any tableware collection. Espresso spoons are the perfect accessories for making a subtle statement with colour and shape. The right spoon can even breathe new life into an existing set. Combine the original design of an espresso spoon set with the varied shapes of our porcelain series. And in case you are serving a sweet treat with the coffee, Villeroy & Boch also offers matching cake forks, for the perfect finishing touch to your coffee table.

Sometimes size is everything

Although they are usually the smallest item in the cutlery set, espresso spoons are something hardly any coffee fan can do without – ideally garnished with an amaretti or another delicious miniature biscuit, of course. A normal portion of espresso for an Italian is around 25 ml and most espresso cups therefore hold between 40 and 100 ml, so a normal coffee spoon measuring around 15 cm would seem hopelessly overproportioned. It would also constantly tip over the cup or fall out. Instead, choose the small spoons from Villeroy & Boch, so that you can enjoy this coffee speciality with all your senses.

The best stainless steel, even for the smallest spoon

Espresso and Turkish coffee spoons are used every day, so it is especially important that they look good, do not wear and are dishwasher-safe. To ensure that we can guarantee these three properties, the espresso spoons from Villeroy & Boch are made from high-quality stainless steel. The alloy contains 18% chromium, which prevents the spoon from rusting and gives it a remarkable shine. The nickel content of 10% protects the metal from the acid in the coffee and makes the espresso spoons completely neutral-tasting. The colourful silicon handles that make our special collections for coffee so unmistakeable are food-safe and do not fade.

Playing with colours and shapes

The refined designs of our stainless steel cutlery can be combined with almost any tableware set. While a uniform look is usually highly valued for table cutlery, espresso spoons can be allowed to make their own statement. It is no problem if the spoon set comes from a different collection. Always listen to your own taste and experiment with contrasts. The espresso and Turkish coffee spoons from the Caffè Club range prove that this is even an option within a collection. With its unusual shape and coloured silicon band on the handle, this series is a hit with all those who want to enjoy design along with their coffee.

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