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Dessert spoons from Villeroy & Boch – Saving the best 'til last

Be it a spicy carrot soup for a starter or a delicious raspberry sorbet for dessert, you and your guests can enjoy tasty dishes with a starter or dessert spoon from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Elegant dessert and starter spoons from Villeroy & Boch

Every last bite a treat

For many gourmets, the dessert is the magnificent finishing touch to any dinner. A dessert spoon from Villeroy & Boch is ideal for delivering anything from mousse au chocolat to finest bourbon vanilla ice cream to your lips. Together with a matching dessert fork, the small dessert spoon is placed above the porcelain plate before the dinner, so that the guests can easily access their dessert cutlery at the end of the meal and enjoy their usually sweet dessert. The delicate dessert spoons have a purist design that blends into the background when needed, leaving the lemon parfait to take centre stage. This all creates the elegant, sweet finale that completes the culinary symphony.

When design meets function

Large or small, simple or decorated – spoons can appear in a huge range of shapes and, together with knives, have been used for eating for centuries. It is therefore no wonder that so many special types of spoon for specific dishes have emerged over that time. Be it classic soup, serving or coffee spoons – the Villeroy & Boch range also encompasses a large number of high-quality spoon creations, of which the dessert spoons are the crowning glory. The modern design based on a fine polish makes the small spoon a real all-rounder. Used at the start as a starter spoon or at the end for dessert, the spoons frame any multi-course dinner while their diverse décors create an attractive atmosphere in a classically elegant or understated modern style.

Undoubtedly flawless

Because dessert spoons have such a huge range of uses, they come into contact with lots of different foods. Resistant to the acids in food, the rustproof and robust spoons from Villeroy & Boch are made from high-quality stainless steel. Innovative design ideas, the greatest care during production and premium raw materials form the basis for attractive and high-quality cutlery from Villeroy & Boch. One key marker of this quality is the pleasant way the dessert spoons sit in the hand. The bowl and stem are perfectly balanced over the transition, indicating maximum precision during production. And because Villeroy & Boch sets great store by making sure all its products are suitable for everyday use, the magnificent spoons are also designed for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Practical and universal

When baking a delicious marble cake for your family at the weekend, you might discover yet another use for the dessert spoons. But amateur bakers should be aware that dessert spoons are slightly larger than classic tea and coffee spoons, so two teaspoons of sugar in the cake recipe, for example, need to be adjusted accordingly if you use a dessert spoon. If you want to match the small spoons perfectly to your existing cutlery but do not want to order them individually, why not choose a comprehensive cutlery set from Villeroy & Boch, which already contains a certain number of dessert spoons. Full packages like this are also ideal gifts for a wedding or house-warming, allowing you to add elegant flair to the home of your family and friends.

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