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Matching bowls and cutlery for the sweetest temptations chocolate pudding, tiramisu or a scoop of strawberry ice-cream: every guest always has enough room for dessert. To serve the last course, Villeroy & Boch keeps the matching fruit and dessert crockery and cutlery at the ready, which makes the sweet afters taste even better.

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Enjoy your fruit & desserts with Villeroy & Boch

There's always room for dessert

A sweet dessert is usually presented to round off a multi-course menu. Strawberries, peaches or cherries layered on vanilla or chocolate pudding perfectly complete the sequence of dishes and are a true culinary delight. Preserved fruit, green or red jellies and refreshing Mascarpone creams are also extremely popular among most guests. Served in dessert crockery from Villeroy & Boch, each final course is turned into a true eye-catcher as the charming dessert bowls from different collections complete every table setting. In addition, if you serve a dessert wine in a lovely wine glass or a digestive in a spirit goblet or grappa glass, the dinner will be rounded off in pure perfection.

Charming motifs and floral patterns

A fascinating interplay of the traditional and the modern is demonstrated by Villeroy & Boch's crockery for fruit and desserts. Thanks to their cheerful fruity motifs, the cottage style dessert bowls are tailored to fruit desserts and bring a touch of summer freshness to the table. Fruit and sweet desserts taste equally good whether served in the white porcelain pieces from the modern NewWave or Flow dinnerware sets or in the romantic style dessert bowls of the Petite Fleur or French Garden collections, which enchant every table with their delightful patterns. Shockproof and chip-resistant premium porcelain, shining premium bone porcelain or finely crafted glass form the basis of Villeroy & Boch's high-quality cutlery.

Each spoon is an enjoyment

Dessert cutlery harmoniously coordinated with the tableware does not just have a functional purpose; the beautiful dessert knives, forks and spoons also set stylish accents when laid next to the porcelain bowls, wine goblets and water glasses. Although a dessert spoon may suffice for a Stracciatella Raspberry Cream Cake, the host should keep the right set of knives and forks at the ready for a sweet crepe. Thanks to its excellent design, the dessert cutlery lies perfectly in the hand and is effortlessly balanced. The spoons and other cutlery items obtain their high quality from a meticulous manufacturing process where the precious raw materials such as stainless steel are processed. After the last course, the cutlery can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Fruit as a decorative element

Fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas and grapes offer lovely decorative possibilities in the kitchen and dining room. Attractively draped over the lovely Artesano Provençal Lavendel fruit bowl or the presentation bowls from the same collection, the healthy fruit adds a colourful touch to the room. Crockery sets from Villeroy & Boch are not just versatile but also make the perfect gift. A set of lovely fruit and dessert bowls including matching cutlery makes the ideal gift for a dedication, wedding or milestone birthday. Packaged with a pretty bow, the crockery not only makes a lovely gift, but also a wonderful home accessory.

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