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Showers are genuine all-rounders. Every morning, they shower you with freshness for the new day, and in the evenings, they wash away the stresses and strains of a hectic day, helping you relax and simply feel good. Bearing in mind how often showers are used and how much they contribute to people’s well-being, great attention ought to be paid to quality and design when selecting individual shower components such as enclosures or trays. To make you feel truly good, your shower should not only provide sufficient grip to enable you to stand safely; it should also be easy to clean, and it should blend beautifully into the rest of your bathroom. When it comes to quality, craftsmanship, functionality and choice, Villeroy & Boch leaves nothing to be desired.

Showering moments

Villeroy & Boch accompanies those everyday moments after which a refreshing shower has become a regular ritual. Best quality and modern design to make your showering moments as perfect as you want them to be.

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Showering moments

Impressive shower trays

The shower tray is the "foundation" of your dream shower – on a visual level, too. Villeroy & Boch shower trays impress with their timeless beauty, which suits a wide range of interior styles.

The shower trays, thanks to their low rims, can be fitted flush to the floor, creating a modern walk-in shower. Bathroom designs from Villeroy & Boch have received several awards and continue to set new standards in all things lifestyle.

Recently, the innovative Squaro Infinity, which can be cut to size, won the iF Design Award 2016 for outstanding design.

iF Product Design Award 2016
Squaro Infinity shower tray

Personalised bathroom design

Let Villeroy & Boch help you design your bathroom in your own style. A variety of bathroom collections are available as are a number of options for combining different elements for your shower area. Select a shower tray and shower fittings to suit your style. The shower trays in the Squaro Infinity and Architectura MetalRim collections, which come in many different colours, allow greater freedom of design. 

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Optimum hygiene in the bathroom

Optimum hygiene in the bathroom

Bathroom hygiene is a fundamental, often labour-intensive, issue. Your bathroom, as an oasis of relaxation, should require as little work as possible. The shower trays from Villeroy & Boch provide the ideal basis for perfect hygiene in your bathroom. Some are made of Quaryl, a high-quality material with a smooth, non-porous surface, which prevents dirt and limescale from sticking to it. But all shower trays, whether made of acrylic, Quaryl or ceramic, provide a flush solution for  shower areas, maintain their shine for a long time and are quick and easy to clean.

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Bathroom renovation for the future

Plan ahead when renovating your bathroom. Anticipating your future needs will bring you years of enjoyment in your bathroom at all stages of your life. A barrier-free bathroom will ensure maximum, long-lasting comfort and convenience. There are no obstacles, therefore reducing risks and falls, it is easier to clean and has a timeless and elegant appeal. Furthermore, a barrier-free concept enables easy accessibility. The latest Villeroy & Boch shower trays in the award-winning Architectura collection or the Squaro Infinity collection can be installed as walk-in showers.

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