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Red Wine Glasses

Red wine goblets from Villeroy & Boch – Shape designed by the experts

Thanks to their perfect shape, the red wine goblets from Villeroy & Boch allow the red wine to breathe while you enjoy the aroma and colour.

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Elegant red wine glasses from Villeroy & Boch

The red wine goblet for any bouquet

The term “red wine” covers grape varieties and wines from throughout the world, each with their own requirements in terms of red wine glasses, depending on their varied flavours and aromas. To find the right glass, the complexity of the wine bouquet may be classified into different categories. The rounded belly of the glass creates a large surface allowing the wine to come into greater contact with oxygen. This shape is most pronounced on Burgundy goblets, allowing the wine's rich bouquet to fully unfold. After being left to breathe, the more subtle notes of the wine are also allowed to fully develop. In contrast, younger, lighter wines such as Chianti, require a thinner red wine glass which protects the fine aromas.

When enjoyment becomes a culture

As wine is one of the most essential components of the tableware, Villeroy & Boch have got together with professional sommeliers to develop new red wine goblets. These glasses satisfy every demand in terms of shape, function and design. They allow you, for example, to establish the colour and temperature of the wine quickly and precisely. Hold a Bordeaux goblet by its stem and use all your senses to perceive the wine before you drink it. Toast the occasion with friends or relatives and enjoy the clean sound, flawless shine and gentle rim of the high-quality crystal glass. After all, a good red wine doesn't just deserve the right glass, but the entire moment should also be enjoyed.

Each glass as individual as the wine

Villeroy & Boch's red wine goblets are made from high-quality crystal glass. The partly hand-blown goblets are characterised by several quality criteria. This ensures that they stand very firmly and level on their base. Depending on the collection, the thin glass walls, stem and base are refined with a delicate engraving, cut or sandblasting. As long as they have enough space around them and the right cleaning product is used, the red wine goblets can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problem. Open the door of the dishwasher immediately after the wash cycle finishes so that the steam does not condense on the wine glasses as this prevents streaking and marking.

The red wine glass as part of the table setting

With Villeroy & Boch red wine goblets, not only will you appreciate the taste of the wine but you'll also love the stylish presentation. The glass collections which are specially designed for wine also include the matching decanter for every red wine and white wine goblet in a matching design. Most red wine goblets are part of a comprehensive set of glasses which also includes carafes and water glasses that can be easily combined with our porcelain collections. So, at a formal dinner, you can let the crystal glass shine next to premium bone porcelain plates or set unusual accents with a coloured red wine goblet. Experiment and combine colours and shapes to perfectly accentuate your personal style.

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