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Beer glasses from Villeroy & Boch – a good reason to make a toast

Enjoy your cool pils or strong stout even more in the special beer glasses from Villeroy & Boch, and decorate every table with their simple design.

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Beer glasses made from exquisite crystal glass – Villeroy & Boch

The beer glass with a stem for the evening

Similarly to wines, different types of beer also require the right glass in which to unfold their bouquet. Thus, the cereal flavours of the hops used to make bottom-fermented beers are best enhanced in a beer glass. If you are looking forward to a cool Pilsner, a refreshing lager or a palatable dark beer at the end of a long working day, place a traditional beer glass made of fine crystal glass on the table, and let your worries drift away. This beer glass is slightly tapered towards the top and thus concentrates the aromas, allowing the relatively low content of carbonic acid to sparkle for longer. The thin wall of the glass is also a must for true beer lovers: the beer flows unobstructed to the palate, accentuating its bitter taste.

Sticking to beer glasses?

Sitting comfortably in the palm of the hand: the Pilsner beer flute must be one of Germany's most well-known beer glasses. In combination with its slim glass wall, its shape ensures that even “thin” beers such as Kölsch go flat less quickly. The bubbles are optimally distributed on their long and straight way up to the top, ensuring that each sip is refreshing. The stable white beer glass has a similar shape, but with its sturdy base and high walls, it has been especially designed for crystal white beer and wheat beer. Unlike wheat bear goblets, the slender beer glasses are particularly good for top-fermented German dark beers which develop best in this broader glass.

Handcrafts for hops and malt

For over two hundred years, Villeroy & Boch has been marketing not only high-quality porcelain but also glasses, mugs and bowls made of fine crystal glass. With an eye for shape and function, wine and beer glasses are still partially hand-blown and impeccably crafted. The quality of the beer glasses can be distinguished regardless of the design on the thin glass walls and polished rims. The clear sound when toasting is also evidence of the craftsmanship. Every collection characterises the overall appearance of the table setting with its own style, and always sets sparkling accents. All beer tumblers and glasses are dishwasher-safe and when looked after properly, always maintain their shine.

There's always a good reason to have a lovely glass of beer

The times when beer and beer glasses were considered inferior to wine are now long gone. Beer-tasting courses are increasingly fully booked, and highly popular beer blogs on the Internet always feature newly discovered beers from different countries. So great your guests with a special beer served in the perfect beer glass or delight them on their birthday with a set made of crystal glass. Our high-quality beer glasses can be easily combined with different porcelain sets and you can of course also order more at a later stage. At Villeroy & Boch, you can find exactly the right beer glass in which your beer tastes best, and toast the special occasion with friends.

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