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Porcelain figures from Villeroy & Boch – Lovingly-produced decorations for every time season

They make collectors' hearts beat a little faster and create the perfect atmosphere – decorate everything from a celebratory table to the Christmas tree with magical porcelain figures from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Decorative porcelain figures from Villeroy & Boch

Fine handiwork for every table

They have been a passion of collectors for generations and offer a quick escape into a perfect world – the traditional porcelain figures from the extensive Villeroy & Boch collections. But just as you would expect from us, innovative designers have also stepped up to the plate. Alongside the classic gingerbread house, you will also find playful porcelain reindeer and can even choose a totally new interpretation of Christmas decorations this year. Choose exactly the look you want for every occasion. Be inspired by the wide range of figures and always decorate your table exactly as you like it.

Classic figures in a modern guise

The modern Christmas decorations from Villeroy & Boch are living proof that porcelain figures are not just something for grandmother's sideboard. The bright colours and subtle décors of the stylised animals like stags, squirrels and foxes make a festive statement on your decorated table and shine in the candlelight. For those who do not want to lose the nostalgic feeling of the past, we of course also still have plates, bowls and figures with the unmistakeable Christmas and winter motifs, such as children ice-skating or tobogganing. The hand-painted music box in the shape of a Christmas tree adds a cheerful tune. Matching the tableware from our special collections, every porcelain figure is the perfect finishing touch to your table.

The cutest porcelain from Villeroy & Boch

Not every porcelain figure is for a specific holiday – the decorative figures in some collections can embellish tables and shelves all year round. As well as a few plainer ornaments, these include the many delicate fairy-tale figures that will enchant every generation. Although each figure was designed individually, together they form the enchanting miniature world of Villeroy & Boch, in which favourite characters like Snow White, the Seven Dwarves and Hansel and Gretel are brought to life. The figures are carefully designed and decorated down to the tiniest detail. A lead-free glaze ensures that the lovingly-applied, often hand-painted colours do not fade – not even the shining pearlescent paint that highlights some parts of the modern designs.

The gift of little dreams

No other Villeroy & Boch product is more ideal as a little surprise than an adorable porcelain figure. The small decorated pots and gift packages are presents in themselves, but can also be a good hiding place for a little treat. Delight collectors with a range of scenes from famous fairy tales and stories or with the members of the fun rabbit family. For holidays like Christmas and Easter, we have special collections with decorations for on and around the Christmas tree and pussy willow, such as Easter bunnies, smoking houses, ornaments and even an original porcelain advent calendar. Figures like little birds and bouncing bunnies, a traditional Father Christmas and woodland animals are of course a must! After all, a beautiful Christmas figure looks good not only on, but also under the tree.

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