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Napkins & Napkin rings

Napkins from Villeroy & Boch – lovely accessories for any occasion

If you would like to decorate the festive table with functional decorations, opt for the stylish napkins from Villeroy & Boch which never fail to impress with their various colours and sizes.

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Napkins from Villeroy & Boch – lovely accessories for every occasion

Table decoration with tradition

When the table is festively set for a dinner made up of several courses, a beautifully folded napkin adds the perfect finishing touch to the table setting. Whether a bishop hat or a cutlery pouch, the folding of napkins is a mark of cultivated etiquette from our modern dining culture. Whereas, in the Late Middle Ages, table cloths were brought to the table for purely hygienic purposes, today, napkins also have a decorative function. However, as useful accessories, the wide-ranging paper and material serviettes from Villeroy & Boch don't just add a vibrant touch to white porcelain plates, but also do justice to their original role as a napkin when used for wiping away the remnants of snacks, nibbles and finger-foods.

For all occasions

Different types of napkins are laid out for guests depending on the occasion. A classic paper cocktail napkin is placed under the glass at cocktail parties and left around on bar tables or next to the buffet. These paper napkins with dimensions 25x25 cm or 33x33 cm are left unfolded. They can also be used at the coffee table under the cake fork, where their bright colours really stand out from the fine porcelain. Villeroy & Boch's larger face napkins, made of high-quality cotton and exclusive linen, are placed on the table next to, or on top of, the plate during festive meals. Those who don't wish to artistically fold them, can use the gleaming napkin rings which perfectly match the cutlery collection to decorate the table.

Quality right down into the substance

White porcelain crockery regularly forms the foundation of a classic dinner party. To break up the puristic straight lines, decorate the traditional table with Villeroy & Boch's plain textile napkins which come in many different colours and suit any style. The TREND napkins, made of 100% polyester, are easy-care and can be washed in temperatures of up to 60°C. Only pieces made exclusively from high-quality materials are used for the table setting. For the Amazonia collection, natural motifs are painstakingly hand-stitched onto the charming 45x45 cm napkins. High quality and innovative designs are a matter of course for Villeroy & Boch. This is also demonstrated on the cotton napkins with the Mariefleur pattern.

From January to December

The fact that attractive napkins set charming accents as decorations on the table is demonstrated in every season. Seasonal table linen with Easter or Christmas motifs accentuates roast lamb as expertly as roast turkey. Depending on the table etiquette, the face napkins are removed from the table during the meal and placed on the lap to keep the party clothes clean on special festive days. Throughout the year, a well-coordinated table setting is created by napkins and accessories on which the designs and motifs reflect those of the matching crockery collection – as is the case with the napkin rings of the La Classica Nuova collection. Whether at a champagne reception to celebrate an engagement, at a summer's barbecue or during a feast on a bank holiday, napkins meet their objective in every situation.

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