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Candle holders from Villeroy & Boch – Individual creativity with candles

It is the right accessories that make our homes so cosy and welcoming. Alongside pictures and vases, candle holders with matching candles from Villeroy & Boch create that special something.

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A sparkling sea of lights

While candles used to be used mainly for lighting before electric lights were invented, their use today is much more decorative. Fire has always fascinated humans, and burning candles in beautiful candle holders are no less attractive today than they ever were. The classic candle originates in the Middle East, where lights made from hemp, straw or papyrus dipped in fat were burning as long as 5,000 years ago. While all the attention back then was on the candle itself, today it is the candle holder that takes centre stage as a homely accessory. Positioned effectively on a sideboard or dining table, the glass and ceramic candle holders with their colourful candles and tea light holders from Villeroy & Boch enchant anyone who looks at them.

Fire and flame for versatile décors

Lighting candles is an important part of many religions. In Christianity, for example, the candlestick for white candles is an essential part of any liturgical act. The dancing flames of the candles create a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere that we also love to bring into our homes. The hand-blown lanterns in the Helium series from Villeroy & Boch capture the light radiating from them in a romantic way thanks to their bulbous shape, while their sand-blasted flower ornamentation underscores the expressive glimmer. Those who want to make a statement with contrasts can combine a tall candle holder from the La Classica Nuova collection with the small tea lights of the Little Lights range. And when the candle holder alone is to take the spotlight as a decorative element, a candelabra with up to five arms is always impressive, teamed with matching table candles from Villeroy & Boch.

Radiance right down to the substance

High-quality raw materials crafted into top-class glassware form the basis of the charming candle holders from Villeroy & Boch. With a tradition that dates back to 1843, we use real craftsmanship that is clear to see in the quality of the candle holders made from glass and crystal glass. In the crystal glass candle holders, pure design seen in fabulous shine and textured clarity meets a solid structure that appears delicate but is actually extremely robust. Made from premium porcelain, the tea lights and lanterns in the Little Gallery series and Gift Collection Country impress not only with their gleaming white colour and diverse motifs, but also with a material that is extremely impact resistant, has strong rims and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. The candle also conjures a wonderful light effect onto the inside of the ceramic.

Beauty without candles

Its elegance makes a candle holder from Villeroy & Boch a stylish eye-catcher as an individual decoration, too. Arrange large and small, coloured and white candle holders to form a decorative look on your sideboard. Combined with beautiful table cloths from Villeroy & Boch, the lights become tasteful accessories that expertly complete the look of any table. Depending on the season, the range also includes candles and candle holders with Christmas and Easter décors that conjure exactly the right flair into your home on those festive days. Inspire your friends and family with the enchanting tea lights and candle holders too by giving a gift of these charming light holders for a wedding, birthday or house-warming.

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