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Porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch represent pure elegance

Spoil yourself and your guests with these exclusive porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch and welcome a touch of luxury into your home with the high quality “White Gold” tableware from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch – create a really elegant ambience

The right piece for every occasion

A elegant dining tale service must include versatile basic items, such as porcelain plates, which can be used for different occasions. In addition to classic dining plates, deep soup plates and versatile breakfast plates, the range is completed by other tableware items, such as as decorative pasta plates, practical bread plates and timelessly beautiful under plates. For special occasions exquisite gourmet plates, oval-shaped fish plates, stylishly designed sushi plates or barbecue plates, with separate areas for meat and accompanying dishes, really come into their own. We have the right porcelain plate for every type of culinary delicacy. With clear lines and a carefully thought-out design, the attractive tableware items from Villeroy & Boch contribute to your creating the perfect festively decorated table.

Presenting small delicacies to great effect

When you have guests, it is a special pleasure to be able to spoil them with delicious snacks. Having a stylish presentation area plays an essential role in serving the prepared snacks in the most appetising way. For example, you can arrange hearty finger food with small dips on a beautifully shaped party plate for a cocktail party. Sweet treats, refined desserts and fresh fruit can all be served with really great effect on a simple serving plate. Original Spanish tapas are shown off to their best effect when served on our cabaret plates, with 6 dub-divisions and simply invite your guests to help themselves to more dates wrapped in bacon, marinated olives, spicy Serrano ham, melons with mild Parma ham or aromatic Manchengo cheese! Buen provecho!

Innovative processing methods

Because of its exclusive appearance and its great strength, porcelain is the preferred material for making high quality items of tableware. Villeroy & Boch uses the best raw materials in modern production processes to manufacture its high quality porcelain plates. The combinations of the individual basic materials used undergo constant improvements. This means that premium porcelain catches the eye immediately, because of both its impressive robustness and its puristic white colour. The addition of bovine bone ash makes premium bone porcelain the finest of all the types of porcelain. The incomparable gloss and the slightly translucent effect give the plates made from this innovative porcelain a particular nobility. At the same time, they have outstanding properties for use and are both suitable for washing in a dishwasher and are microwave-safe.

For the perfect harmonious table setting

A festively decorated table requires other items, apart from fine porcelain plates. These include an attractive set of cutlery, sparkling glasses to cater for every taste in drinks and bowls for salad and desserts. All of these tableware items should be able to be combined with many other things so that they can be harmonised perfectly with one another. Because of their simple elegance, the porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch can be used with the other table elements to form a stylish arrangement. The plates can also be used to set tasteful accents as the contain creative decorations and colourful motifs. The porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch are also eminently suitable as sophisticated gifts to bring special pleasure to your loved ones.

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