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Plates in different colours from Villeroy & Boch – for setting accents with impact!

The coloured plates from Villeroy & Boch give your festive table a cheerful and fresh look, which radiates vibrancy and an inviting atmosphere. Read more...

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The coloured plates from Villeroy & Boch are sure to put you in a good mood!

Magnificent floral colours and stylish ornaments

The coloured designs will make you see elegant porcelain tableware in a completely new light! This extends the range of possibilities from classical graphic elements through imaginative modern creations and right up to playfully-romantic variants. The subtle floral decorations of the Petite Fleur Collection from Villeroy & Boch, for example, exude a timeless charm and provide a stylish presentation surface for your delicious meals. The muted colouring of the plates with the Casale Blu range provide a touch of Mediterranean flair to any occasion. From generously-sizes pizza plates to beautifully designed pasta plates and right up to the soup plates for a tasty minestrone, which have such an exclusive air, this collections everything you need to enjoy Italian food in its proper style!

Colurful table settings

Especially during the gloomier seasons of the year, when the sky is a dull grey in colour, small splashes of colour can have an amazing effect in brightening your mood. But it is not just on cloudy days that these plates in expressive colours from Villeroy & Boch are exactly the right things to start you off in your day in a good mood! Simply combine these plates with suitable cups and coffee mugs and surprise your family once again with richly laden breakfast table outside in the garden on a sunny Sunday morning! As well as the aromatic coffee for the adults and the delicious cocoa for the little ones, make sure that you also have some freshly squeezed orange juice to star the day properly! Ideally,this should be served from an elegant juice carafe and poured into coloured juice glasses.

Hand-painted treasures

Artistically painted decorations shape the image of elegant porcelain items from the outset. Depending on the particular culture, different motifs have different associations - reflecting traditional ornaments, lettering and figures, as well as freely invented patterns. In these latitudes decorations featuring flowers and blossoms on filigree-patterned coffee or tea-time place settings especially have maintained their popularity. Classical dining plates, super plates or serving plates, decorated with floral design elements, are also becoming more exclusive, however, and are therefore eagerly sought after as really beautiful collectors’ pieces. At the same time, these exclusive plates impress by their everyday usability and they are also completely dishwasher safe.

Coloured plates as exclusive gifts

It is not just passionate tableware collectors who would love to be given these coloured plates as a present! Both selected individual items, as well as complete sets of matching cups and saucers in colourful designs are bound to attract lots of individual attention as tasteful items, on many types of occasion. Because they can be combined with items in such a versatile way, the coloured plates are an outstanding match for any white porcelain tableware items which you already have, and supplement them in a stylish way. Coloured starter plates, for example, can be shown to their very best effect on white under plates. Coloured dessert plates too are ideally suited to underline the exclusive nature of the final course in the menu very emphatically. Or why not try making an arrangement of coloured glass plates from the Colour Concept Collection together with coloured glassware for your refreshing drinks?

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