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Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups from Villeroy & Boch – a speciality just for you

Find the perfect coffee cup for your favourite coffee break speciality from Villeroy & Boch. After all, good coffee starts with the right cup.

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Coffee cups from Villeroy & Boch – A speciality in themselves

The right cup for our favourite drink

Did you know that the coffee machine is the place in the office where the most innovative ideas are born? It makes sense really: creativity blossoms where people take a break and spend time with one another, with a cup of coffee in their hands. But a coffee can brighten up the day even after work. Served in a porcelain cup from Villeroy & Boch, home-brewed coffee or a delicious hot chocolate means relaxation at home, too. It is not only the form that helps with this feeling. The often hand-painted motifs have no trouble conjuring up the rustic country look, exotic colours or modern flair at the table – or even in the car's cup holder as a takeaway cup.

Never losing sight of functionality

For every coffee speciality, there is a tailored cup with the perfect shape and size. The original and often prize-winning designs show off the special features of every coffee drink and ensure that you can enjoy it to the very last sip. A cappuccino, for example, demands a taller coffee cup whose rim supports the rich frothed milk, while a latte macchiato shows off its typical layers best in a tall glass cup. Specialities prepared without milk, such as crema, mocha or wiener melange, are drunk as hot as possible and need a narrow cup in which the temperature does not fall too quickly.

Kopi luwak or instant? Porcelain for every taste

Almost all our collections include a set of matching cups and saucers, some of them even a complete coffee service. Depending on the design, the coffee cups – be they large or small – are produced from exclusive premium bone porcelain or the premium porcelain specially developed by Villeroy & Boch. Although they look very delicate, the various porcelain types are characterised by resistance to impact and strong rims, making them very suitable for normal, everyday use. For very special occasions, we decorate the coffee cups and saucers made from shimmering premium bone porcelain by hand with gold and platinum. The decorations are protected by a special liquid coating, so they never lose their shine.

Saucers: even more practical than you thought

While a relaxed weekend breakfast with the family can be planned, during the week you sometimes have to improvise. Everyone occasionally underestimates how long they need in the bathroom in the morning. On mornings like that, breakfast saucers and party plates are the perfect solution. Their size makes them a stylish mix of generous saucer and small breakfast plate, making a good impression on every table. The matching breakfast cups hold plenty of milky coffee or tea and are dishwasher safe. If necessary, the coffee cup set can also be quickly warmed up in the microwave. No need to waste a minute of your hectic morning routine on the right cup.

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