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Cappuccino Cups

Cappuccino cups from Villeroy & Boch – designed for good taste

Prolong a copious breakfast and serve yourself a fresh cappuccino in the versatile Cappuccino cups from Villeroy & Boch.

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Cappuccino cups in an elegant design from Villeroy & Boch

Milan and Vienna brought together under frothy milk

A good cappuccino, preferably with a thick layer of foam decorated with a “latte art” pattern does not tend to appear on the table in most bars and restaurants until after lunch. However, in Italy, home to this coffee speciality, baristas prepare all the cappuccino cups right at the start of their shift. For Italians, cappuccino is clearly a breakfast beverage, or to put it another way, the entire focus of their breakfast is on that well-filled cup of cappuccino. But who came up with the idea of adding a layer of foam? It was probably thought up by Austrian soldiers stationed in Italy during the war who no doubt missed their Viennese “Kapuziner” made of mocha and whipped cream. In the fifties, the combination of espresso and warm milk became a worldwide success, and every Villeroy & Boch collection features its own cup and saucer.

Plenty of space for schiuma and latte

While espresso and ristrotto should be drunk as hot as possible and therefore served in small, narrow cups, cappuccino needs plenty of space for its milk and frothy foam. Villeroy & Boch's cappuccino cups have been tailored precisely to this requirement and, with their smooth porcelain wall and generous drinking surface, they offer the perfect conditions. The cappuccino saucers are decorated to match the cups. Thanks to their large size, many of them could also be used as an improvised breakfast plate. However, as water and extra milk are not served with cappuccino, the saucers are slightly smaller. All you need to do is consider when you prefer to drink your cappuccino and then decide which is the right cappuccino cup set for you.

The tradition behind the cup

When the first “normal” coffee cups left our manufacturers, no porcelain master had ever heard of cappuccino. However, as the drink also became popular outside of Italy, Villeroy & Boch's designers began to engage with this new speciality. The shape, handle, material – everything was taken into account when designing the new cups. With the development of the gleaming white premium porcelain and the softly shining premium bone porcelain with its lead-free glaze, our cappuccino cup sets also became more suitable for everyday use. What do the old and new cups have in common? They continue to be carefully manufactured before being individually painted, to some extent by hand – in a word: the passion of craftsmanship.

Small tricks with large cups

As is often the case when serving specialities for connoisseurs, the cappuccino cup should be warmed just before serving. If your coffee machine does not have the equipment for doing this, you can nevertheless heat up all Villeroy & Boch cups in no time at all. To do so, fill the cups half way with tap water and bring them to boiling point in the microwave. The result: a pleasantly warm cup but with a handle that doesn't burn your fingers. You can also leave the washing up to your dishwasher – all porcelain cups without stainless steel applications are dishwasher-safe and dry out again in next to no time thanks to their sophisticated design.

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