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Baking & cooking with utensils from Villeroy & Boch

Clever cookware

By the time a dish has become a culinary delight, the cook has often spent many hours in the kitchen perfecting and coordinating numerous processes. To create a delicious meal, you not only need a talented and experienced chef, but even more cooking tools to ensure the preparation goes according to plan. Villeroy & Boch has useful accessories that are helpful in any kitchen. A cooking spoon made from high-quality wood may come to your assistance in stirring the bouillabaisse, but then the spatula will aid you in preparing vegetarian omelettes. If the main course is going to be pasta, then it’s the charming sieves with French country-style décors that are perfect for capturing what you need. The practical cooking utensils from the Villeroy & Boch collections impress not only with their functionality, but also with their quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs.

Exquisitely prepared oven-baked food

As with perfectly cooked rump steaks, the preparation of many dishes often starts on the hob and ends in the oven. Especially designed to be exposed to heat, the stylish Villeroy & Boch baking dishes with decorative designs accentuate the golden cheese crust of any casserole. If you’re planning on serving a classic marble cake for afternoon coffee, then it goes into the oven in a Villeroy & Boch dish with a summery design. Coffee and cake are then carried to the table on a stylish tray that can easily accommodate plates, cups and a coffee pot or teapot. Oven gloves, aprons and tea towels in a host of colours and sizes complete the range of textile cooking and baking accessories.

Substantial functionality

The captivating Villeroy & Boch cooking and baking tools are made from superior raw materials such as porcelain, metal and wood and impress with their quality and attractive design. The high degree of care and craftsmanship behind every product made by this traditional company is also reflected in its stylish kitchen helpers. The individual pieces beautifully match the crockery ranges of the different collections, ensuring you can equip your entire kitchen with cooking utensils of the same style. The Premium Porcelain cooking tools can be simply cleaned in the dishwasher, so you will still have time to talk to your guests after preparing the food. Whether you need a lemon squeezer or a useful salt mill: Villeroy & Boch’s stylish accessories deliver pretty and practical ideas for your kitchen.

Support throughout the year

Whether you want to serve a tempting lemon cake for Easter or use Christmas biscuit cutters to bake delicious treats – seasonal baked goods sweeten these festivities, which explains why Villeroy & Boch has suitable bakeware for these occasions. As baking cakes and biscuits can often get messy with flour, sugar or dough scattered everywhere, especially when joined by the younger generation, we also have a host of textile accessories waiting for you. Our cooking and baking products also make perfect gift ideas for amateur chefs and bakers as well as for weddings and housewarmings. A set, consisting of small and large baking dishes and matching bowls, adds the finishing touch to any tableware collection, provides a striking look in your kitchen and brings harmony into the home.


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