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Enjoy the run up to Christmas in atmospheric candlelight – with Advent candlesticks from Villeroy & Boch

The last few weeks before Christmas are a really special time: As the nights become longer and the winter cold spreads over the land, people make themselves cosy in their homes and enjoy festive bakes and hot drinks, surrounded by their families. Villeroy & Boch offers a great selection of high quality and tasteful products for the Advent season in your home. You can decorate your home with our elegant Advent lights, wreaths and calendars made from the finest porcelain, and arrange your home-baked Christmas treats on our beautiful biscuit plates with Christmas decorations.

Absolutely beautiful decorative items made of the finest porcelain will make your home feel really cosy during the Advent season.

Waiting for the big day!

Every year the first Sunday of Advent ushers in the reflective period leading up to Christmas. It is now just four weeks until all the presents are given to all the family. Advent calendars, filled with delicious sweet treats or little toys for each day, ensure that this period up to Christmas Eve does not seem to drag on too long - especially for little children. Advent calendars, which have become a fixed part of the tradition in Christian countries since the 19th Century, now sweeten the journey through this season, not just for children, but for adults too! Whether it is for a young or an older food lover, anyone would be pleased to receive an attractive Christmas calendar made of high quality porcelain by Villeroy & Boch and is bound to open a new little door each day filled with excitement and anticipation!

The perfect decorated table!

When the whole family come together for a traditional festive gathering during the advent period, the atmosphere in the home is really cosy! Advent lanterns filled with candles spread an atmospheric light and on the festively decorated tables tasty treats from the Christmas bakery are just waiting to be eaten! To complete the table in a really stylish way, you simply must have our tastefully designed Christmas plates as well as the right matching table decorations! What could be a better complement to the tableware items from Villeroy & Boch than a pretty Advent wreath made of fine porcelain? Hand-painted and decorated with Christmas motifs, this would be the stylish centre point of any coffee table!

The lamps have been lit and .....

While in earlier times the primary function of candles was to serve as sources of light, today they are prized more for their decorative value. During this dark season of the year, they spread a cheerful atmosphere and at the same time radiate some beneficial warmth. Their flickering light casts mysterious shadows around the room and creates a mystic air on gloomy winter evenings. Light the candles on an Advent candlestick or in a tea light holder from Villeroy & Boch and enjoy the reflective season in the run-up to Christmas with your family and friends in a warm living room while the weather is bitterly cold outside. Being together never has such a convivial feeling than when you are sharing a cup of fruity mulled wine or hot chocolate!

Traditions and modernity

The tradition of the Advent wreath dates back to 1839. In a Hamburg orphanage the theologian and kindergarten teacher wanted to make the waiting during the period leading up to Christmas seem shorter for his pupils and he hung up a wreath to which 28 candles were attached and he lit one of the candles each day. This is a beautiful tradition which has remained to this day, even if today the wreath is made of the small branches of a fir tree woven together to form a ring, decorated in many ways, and the number of candles or lights has been reduced to four, one for each Sunday during Advent. The high-quality porcelain Advent wreaths from Villeroy & Boch offer a new contemporary interpretation of the traditional Advent wreath. Adorned with Winter motifs, an attractive decorative item like this makes the ideal present for someone special who is particularly dear to you!