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Holiday Candlelight

Holiday Candlelight

With tealights and lanterns from Villeroy & Boch, you can skilfully set exactly the right scene for your festive decorations.

A dining table spread with all kinds of tasty food, a plentifully filled table with presents on it and a magnificently decorated Christmas tree – all bathed in warm candlelight: For many people, such images form their happiest memories of childhood. Whether you celebrate Christmas in Saint Lucia, Sweden or at a candle-lit church service in Germany, Christmas really brightens up the darkest season of the year. That’s why at Villeroy & Boch you will find a really large selection of festive tea light holders, lanterns and candlesticks in many different decorative schemes.

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Let your home glow in the light of many candles – with lanterns and tea light holders from Villeroy & Boch.

Restorative cosiness

When the days become shorter and the nights longer, we feel an increased need for a feeling of security. Warm candlelight is exactly the right thing to produce that! During the Advent and Christmas seasons tea lights brighten our carefully decorated rooms and create exactly the right kind of snug atmosphere. Adorned with tasteful ornaments and winter motifs, the winter-look tea lights from Villeroy & Boch add elegance to your rooms and supplement in a harmonious way the wintertime decorative scheme of your home. A tealight on a candlestick holder can also be the perfect complement to complete your festively decorated coffee or dinner table. The delicious dishes from your Christmas kitchen look particularly attractive under the flickering light of candles.

An invitation to tea

In keeping with their name, tea lights were originally used to keep a tea pot hot on a little stove. Over the course of the years, however, the range of uses for these tiny candles has been extended considerably. Today these little sources of light and heat are used above all for decorative purposes; they power little features on German Christmas pyramids and those with added aromas spread a glorious fragrance around the room. No home should be without them at this evocative time of year! While the weather outside is bitterly cold, you can be inside with your loved ones sipping a cup of gloriously spicy Christmas tea, which the little tealights will keep at the desired temperature for you! The room will be bathed in a modest glow from the tealights emanating a scent of cinnamon and orange peel, standing in tealight holders in a sophisticated Christmas design – the perfect way to relax after a pleasant Advent Sunday!

Magical candlelight in every room

In long-forgotten times, candles were used in the same way as torches and oil lamps to light people’s homes in the evenings. What in those times was used out of bare necessity, is nowadays used to create a really special atmosphere during the Advent season. Decorate your home with gorgeous lanterns made of fine porcelain from Villeroy & Boch and give your electric lighting a well-deserved rest! Both candles and tealights can be securely mounted in our elegantly designed holders and they will spread their light upwards and through tiny punched holes into the room. They therefore create mystical shadows on the walls which will spark your imagination and make you think of the Christmas stories by Charles Dickens. It will really seem as though the Spirit of Christmas Present is already hiding and lurking behind the festively decorated Christmas tree just waiting to come out!

Decorative gift ideas

Every year on December 25th the whole family gets together for the annual Christmas lunch. Whether you enjoy a hearty goose with roast potatoes and vegetables, or as in Germany, choose something like traditional sausages with potato salad served on a plate decorated with Christmas motifs, is entirely a matter for your own personal taste. Once the whole family has enjoyed a really good meal, however, it is finally time to open the presents. With gleaming eyes, young and old alike open the carefully wrapped presents. While children look forward to receiving toys which they have long hoped to get, adults usually exchange small but personal and thoughtfully chosen gifts. A tea light holder with colourful tealights in a Christmas design or a lantern are fantastic gifts to bring joy to someone dear to you!

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