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Christmas Cookie Jar

Christmas Cookie Jar

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Christmas cookie jars

Ceramic Christmas biscuit jars from Villeroy & Boch

Nothing spells Christmas like the aroma of freshly baked biscuits. Cinnamon stars, gingerbread and other tasty seasonal treats such as mince pies bring back wonderful childhood memories.

Whether home-baked or shop-bought: store your delicious Christmas treats in a ceramic biscuit jar that keeps them fresh for longer and is also a beautiful festive ornament.

Whether round or square, with an integrated music box or with a Christmas-themed figurine on the lid: all Villeroy & Boch Christmas biscuit jars are made of fine bone china and dishwasher-safe. A seal ensures that your biscuits, mince pies or gingerbread are stored air-tight and hygienically and kept fresh even beyond the holiday season.

How to make your biscuits stay fresh beyond Christmas

Enjoy the taste of Christmas for a long time to come with a ceramic biscuit jar! A suitable air-tight storage container ensures that your home-baked treats stay fresh for longer. A large Christmas biscuit jar is not only decorative but will also keep them beautifully fresh.

Some Christmas treats – such as gingerbread – actually taste even more delicious after they have been stored for a while!

Nothing will keep your Christmas baking fresh as elegantly as a ceramic storage jar. It offers several advantages: it is easy to clean, hygienic and has no smell or taste. Fresh, crunchy biscuits will stay that way in a ceramic jar, whereas they soon go soft otherwise. A ceramic biscuit jar is also a particularly stylish choice and encourages people to help themselves.

Tips and tricks for storing Christmas biscuits

You should keep the following in mind when it comes to storing your Christmas biscuits:

  • Biscuits or mince pies should always be left to cool down completely before they are stored. Gingerbread should be left to dry for around two days before storing in an air-tight jar.
  • Do not store different kinds of biscuits together in the same jar– a stylish set of matching jars is a suitable alternative.
  • If you do not have enough jars, divide different types of biscuit with some baking parchment.
  • Add a thin slice of apple to soft Christmas treats such as macaroons or gingerbread; it will keep them fresh and soft for longer. Replace the slice of apple every couple of days.

Some biscuits or other home-baked treats will keep fresh for up to three months in a ceramic biscuit jar.

Seasonal designs: Christmas in a jar!

Villeroy & Boch sells a wide selection of cute Christmas biscuit storage jars in varying sizes with enchanting designs. The festive colours and lovingly designed motifs make a nostalgic Villeroy & Boch Christmas biscuit jar a beautiful addition to any table. Especially pretty: a set of biscuit jars in different sizes. They look lovely together and ensure that you can offer your guests various biscuits. A Christmas tree biscuit jar is a particularly decorative choice.

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