A modern take on Christmas decoration

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The Advent season marks the start of the Christmas countdown. To get into a festive mood, we traditionally decorate our homes with candles, fairy lights and wreaths. Christmas decorations absolutely don’t need to be boring or kitsch. Read our tips and find out how to give your Christmas decorations a modern twist – from festive table decor to Christmas tree ornaments or window decorations.

How can you decorate your home for Christmas?

There are countless ways of creating atmospheric looks at Christmas. And you can even combine different styles for individual effects. However, for a harmonious look, it is best to choose a theme that is reflected in all rooms.

Modern decorated living room

Modern Christmas decoration ideas for the living room

For festive decorative effects in the living room, carefully arranged candles and hurricane lamps are a traditional choice. This will create a festive mood and a cosy atmosphere in the living room. But take care: less is often more when it comes to modern Christmas decorations. In many cases, a particularly eye-catching feature such as an elegant candlestick will create atmospheric lighting effects all on its own. 

Modern decorated living room

Decorating the Christmas tree

Stylish looks for the Christmas tree with modern decorations

Many people are now choosing modern decorations for their Christmas tree. In this context, modern usually means: simple and elegant.

View Christmas tree decorations

Minimalism is on trend:

if you prefer a simple look, you can decorate your Christmas tree with beautiful fairy lights. There is no need for other baubles or ornaments. The Christmas tree then makes a statement all on its own

Ideal for purists:

Christmas tree ornaments come in lots of different colours. Choosing a single shade, for example white, will give your tree a very timeless and elegant look.

Geometric shapes:

instead of heavy baubles, you can decorate your Christmas tree with delicately crafted geometric ornaments. These will give it a modern look.

High-quality natural materials:

if you would like to give your Christmas tree a rustic and natural look, you can find the perfect “ingredients” for your Christmas decorations outdoors in nature! Wooden ornaments harmonise beautifully with the Christmas tree. For small Christmas trees, modern decorations in paper and cardboard are an ideal choice.

Modern table decorations as a highlight at any festive meal

We eat with our eyes too, and this is particularly true at Christmas. When it comes to Christmas decorations for the table, there are countless ideas ranging from classic to modern.

Modern Christmas dining

Modern mix & match concept

There are lots of creative options for modern Christmas table decorations. Villeroy & Boch’s modern Christmas porcelain will add colourful highlights to your festive meals. Cutlery sleeves or napkin rings in a festive design will create a particularly elegant look on your Christmas table. A modern Advent wreath in the centre of the table will be an additional eye-catching feature. To create a modern and very exciting look, you can combine white porcelain from the Toy's Delight Royal Classic collection with festive ornaments in matt textured porcelain from the slate-look Manufacture collection.

Modern Christmas dining

What are the most popular Christmas trends?

There are lots of great Christmas decoration ideas - from classic to rustic and minimalist. Natural materials are currently on trend for Christmas decorations. What’s more, modern Christmas decorations usually follow a specific colour theme. As well as the classic Christmas colours of gold and red, earth shades are a very popular trend. At all times, the main objective is – to create a cosy atmosphere.

Simple Christmas

Scandinavian Christmas decorations for a hyggelig festive season

When it comes to stylishly relaxed and cosy looks, Denmark and Norway are the greatest sources of inspiration. Scandinavian Christmas decorations are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a “hyggelig” yet modern atmosphere at Christmas. The Scandi look is simple and elegant. Clear graphic shapes are characteristic of Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian lifestyle has influenced our Christmas decorations this year too. A combination of contemporary sophistication and simplicity meet a nostalgic note.

Simple Christmas
Sustainable Christmas decorations

Making a statement with sustainable Christmas decorations in natural materials

This year, the emphasis is on natural materials that can be quickly transformed into modern Christmas decorations. With a little skill and imagination, paper, pampas grass or wood can become sustainable Christmas decorations that will make your home feel delightfully cosy. Villeroy & Boch’s beautiful Christmas tree baubles are a sustainable choice too, with a timeless design that will look good year after year.

Sustainable Christmas decorations

Tip: If you are looking for Christmas decoration ideas for outside your home, homemade Christmas decorations made from natural materials are a good choice to give your front door a modern look.


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