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Ideas for every budget

For many people, Christmas is not just a celebration of love, it’s a festival of giving too. This is when we look for original Christmas gifts to surprise and delight those special people in our lives. Christmas gifts don’t necessarily need to be expensive, low-priced presents can also be exciting surprises for family and friends. To help you decide, we have put together a selection of ideas for Christmas gifts.

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Small Christmas gifts with a big impact

Christmas presents don’t need to cost the earth. We have countless ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts that will make a big impression. Less expensive items are particularly good choices as Christmas gifts for friends.



Inspiration for the small budget

Christmas gifts can be small items such as a pretty, high-quality cup or a little cookie box filled with homemade Christmas biscuits. Other ideas for small Christmas gifts include friendship bracelets or chains that friends can wear together. Mobile phone pouches or cases with a pretty print or pattern are attractive and practical gifts. Decorative items such as candleholders, hurricane lamps and scented candles also make ideal Christmas gifts.

Inspiration for the small budget

Mugs with a message

Letters standing for a name or a character trait convey personality and individuality. They could also refer to a nickname, a special talent or a hobby. Our Letters Mugs combine design with a personal dedication. Or you could choose stylish Statement cups instead. These cups have a simple design and are printed with a saying or greeting. Perhaps the “Lieblingsmensch” cup is just what you’re looking for to surprise your partner or best friend?

Mugs with a message

Home-made Christmas presents with thoughtful attention to detail

As children, we often made our own Christmas gifts for parents. Homemade, sustainable Christmas presents are still a great choice, and not just for parents. Best of all, you can quickly make your own last-minute Christmas presents and even tailor them to the recipient’s taste.

Homemade & from the heart

Biscuits or other sweet treats are particularly popular Christmas gifts. It doesn’t matter whether you bake an all-time family favourite or look for a modern recipe online. All that counts is the time and love you invest in these sweet treats.

Homemade & from the heart

Christmas anticipation

A homemade Advent calendar is a very personal gift. All you need to do for this is fill 23 paper bags with scented candles, Christmas baubles, jewellery, bath additives or other little presents. The big gift is then presented on the 24th of December. One timeless and infinitely reusable option is the Villeroy & Boch tree Advent calendar.

Christmas anticipation

Find the perfect gift for loved ones

Of course, everyone’s tastes are different. If you would rather not make your own Christmas gifts, to help you find the perfect item, we have put together some recommendations for men and women below.

Christmas gift ideas for women

  • high-quality jewellery with a personal message or engraving
  • a favourite perfume in a large size
  • technical gadgets for hobbies, etc.
  • engraved wine or champagne glasses with a bottle of favourite wine

Christmas gift ideas for men

  • technical gadgets for cars, hobbies and work
  • high-quality men’s watch with a personal engraving
  • sports equipment
  • set of glasses for beer, whisky or wine with a personal engraving
  • leather wristband with a dedication

Give time

A homemade voucher is another thoughtful option. Vouchers for an experience to enjoy together are a particularly good idea. How about inviting the recipient out for a meal or a day in a spa or water park? A visit to the cinema or another activity are possible too. Vouchers for special experiences show: there is nothing more precious than shared moments.

Give time

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