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Is it safe to shop on your site?
Yes, Villeroy & Boch eShop is a secure shopping site. All private data is encrypted and credit card processing is provided by Wirecard - one of the most trusted and secure internet payment providers in the world.
I am looking for a specific pattern, but don’t see it online. Can you help?
Our Official Online Shop has the largest current selection available. The pattern you are looking for may have been discontinued and no longer in production. We recommend checking online auctions to see if you can find discontinued patterns. Our eService team is also here to help you identify other complementing products from our current assortment to match your existing collection.
What if an item I want to order is temporarily out of stock?
If an item is temporarily out of stock you will not be able to add this product to your shopping cart. Please check back occasionally, as you will be able to purchase this item once more inventory arrives.
Order Processing
How can I track my order?
Once your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes your DPD tracking number. Additionally you can log into your account and choose “My Orders” on the left hand side to see order details.
How can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately after an order is placed we are unable to cancel or make changes to it. However you can just refuse your order when it will be delivered so it will be returned to us and you will receive a refund.
Can I change my existing placed order - add or remove items?
Unfortunately after an order is placed we are unable to make changes to it. If you would like to add additional items, please place a separate order. If you would like to remove some items, please wait for them to arrive and then simply return unwanted items.
How can I change my shipping address?
Unfortunately we are unable to make any changes after an order is placed in our system. Please check and verify all shipping details very carefully before placing your order.
How can I see my order history?
To view your order history, log in to your account, and then click “My Orders” on the left hand side. All of your recent orders will be available to view.
Shipping & Tracking
What shipping carrier do you use and what shipping options do you offer?
All orders placed online are shipped via DPD.
How long will it take to receive my order after it has been placed?
The order ships from our warehouse in Merzig/Germany and will arrive in approximately 4-6 business days after the order is placed depending on your location.
Do you ship outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland?
Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the United Kingdom or Ireland. Please check here if there is Villeroy & Boch online store in your country, or use our Store Locator to find a store closest to you.
Can I ship to the Channel Islands?
At this time, we are unable to ship to the Channel Islands.
What is your return policy? How do I return or exchange my products?
We accept returns on orders within 30 days of purchase. To return items free of charge, please apply the free returns label enclosed within your delivery parcel and drop your return off in your nearest DPD shop. Once your return is received and processed, a credit to the original method of payment will be applied.
What if an item arrives broken?
If your item is damaged during shipping, please e-mail a photo of the broken item to Please include your order number. Our customer service will process your request and ship you replacements for any broken items. Please do not ship broken merchandise back to us. When your replacements arrive, please safely dispose of any damaged items.
Product and Material Information
What is Premium Bone Porcelain?
Premium bone porcelain, also referred to as fine china, is made of a high quality mixture of ceramic materials and bone ash. This top-of-the-line dinnerware is lightweight, semi-transparent product that is usually in a brighter white tone and is one of the strongest types of dishes.
What is Premium Porcelain?
Premium porcelain, also referred to as china, is a high-quality product that is made of a blend of fine materials fired multiple times at very high temperatures. The high-quality and shell-like glimmer of this type of dinnerware is similar to bone china, yet premium porcelain is more affordable.
What is borosilicate glass?
Borosilicate glass is a special type of glass that is made with boron oxide, making it extremely resistant to high heat. It is dishwasher safe and can be used to enjoy both hot and cold beverages.
What is the average size of a dinner plate?
Villeroy & Boch dinner plates typically range from 10¼”– 10½” in diameter. Some of the oval and rectangular plates are larger: up to 12” wide.
What is the average size of a salad plate?
Villeroy & Boch salad plates typically range from 8¼”– 8½” in diameter. Some of the oval and rectangular can be slightly larger.
What is the average size of an appetizer (bread and butter) plate?
Villeroy & Boch salad plates typically range from 6¼”– 6¾” in diameter. Some of the oval and rectangular can be slightly larger.
What is 18/10 stainless steel?
The numbers 18/10 represent the amount of chromium and nickel in the flatware’s composition. In this case, there is 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Important to note is the nickel percentage, as nickel makes the product resistant to corrosion and easy to care for, which means as the grade starts to go from 18/10, to 18/8 to 18/0, the flatware will become less lustrous and less durable.
What is crystal glass?
Crystal Glass is a fine glassware product that offers the beauty of crystal but is lead free. Villeroy & Boch crystal glassware is made in Europe and adheres to the strictest international health and safety standards. All crystal glass products are dishwasher safe, scratch-resistant and maintain luster overtime.
Product Care
How do I care for my Villeroy & Boch dinnerware?
Most porcelain and bone porcelain Villeroy & Boch products are dishwasher and microwave safe. We recommend using non-scented dish soap.
Metallic Embellishing: Dinnerware with gold or platinum embellishments (examples include but are not limited to Anmut My Colour, Amazonia, etc.) is not microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended; the occasional gentle cycle is fine.
How do I care for my Villeroy & Boch crystal stemware/glassware?
Your crystal stemware/glassware is dishwasher safe. We recommend using non-scented dish soap. Please place glasses on the top rack (secure stemware in holders if available). We recommend using a crystal, gentle or other low-heat setting.
How do I care for my Villeroy & Boch flatware?
Your flatware is dishwasher safe. We recommend using non-scented dish soap and placing your flatware in the bin with the handles down.
Gift service
How does the Villeroy & Boch gift service work?
When you place your order, you can select the product(s) in the shopping basket that you would like us to gift wrap. You can also add a greeting card, which we will enclose either with your personal message printed or blank.
How much does the gift service cost?
We charge £3.90 per gift package. The greeting card is free.
Do I have to add a greeting card message?
You can decide whether you want us to print your message onto the card or whether you would prefer to write it yourself.
Can I have the gift delivered to a different address?
Yes, we can deliver your gift to any address in the UK. Our delivery note does not include prices and you will receive the invoice by email, as usual.


Surprise your loved ones!

New: We can gift wrap your order.

We can also gift wrap many of our products and add a greeting card with your personal message. We will send your order, if so desired, directly to the person you want to surprise.

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