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Coffee Passion

Coffee Passion

Passionate coffee enjoyment!

Do you love coffee and understand the importance of experiencing its true aroma? Whether you prefer to enjoy your favourite speciality blend in an elegant cup with a perfectly formed handle or in a modern double walled cup without a handle, Coffee Passion from Villeroy & Boch has the right choice of cups for you. All the cups have a rounded base and a large distance between the base and the rim, allowing you to pour the perfect café crema! The ceramic containers are ideal for storing your ground coffee or beans so that they retain their aroma and they also enable you to use exactly the right quantity for the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee bean container has a handy spout for pouring and the ground coffee container has a hidden compartment which is ideal for storing the ceramic measuring spoon. Even the sugar container has an integrated ceramic spoon! The double walled ceramic coffee filter promotes the development of the aroma with its curved water flow channels and rounded outflow. The double walled milk jug is also perfect for foaming milk and keeping it hot!