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Vases from Villeroy & Boch – for exquisite accents in the decoration

Personalise your house with decorative home accessories that set exciting accents. The well-designed vases from Villeroy & Boch become a real eye-catcher in every room.

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Decorative vases from Villeroy & Boch

For that special touch

Archaeological finds confirm that, in ancient times, vases were originally used for storing food. Although these fine vessels were first used as decorative elements with the creation of botanical gardens and private collections of plants in aristocratic houses, the use of vases as actual home accessories did not become relevant until the rise of the middle classes in the 18th century. As the desire for lovely flower arrangements in the home became more popular, vases needed to be attractively presented. Today, Villeroy & Boch's charming vases add a magical touch to every room and are instrumental in tastefully integrating fragrant cut flowers into the home environment. The stylish decoration of living rooms and bedrooms creates an ambiance in which you feel a sense of well being.

Translucent or bright colours?

Whether you prefer crystal clear purism or flamboyant motifs, Villeroy & Boch has a whole host of vases. While the white Calla flower accentuates the charming design of the slim and more brightly coloured vases, the waft of cheerful gladioli arises from the lovingly decorated glass vases. The versatile vessels complete your interior design in unique ways by effortlessly blending with the existing style. Whether you prefer a modern design that unfolds in splendid colours or in curvaceous shapes, or whether you prefer classical elegance and fine cuts, the many exclusive vases blend seamlessly into any living room décor. Deliberately create accents by placing the delicate mini vases which are only 10 cm tall next to the graceful floor vases, measuring 46 cm.

Quality in all materials

For the decorative vases, Villeroy & Boch uses different raw materials which are reflected in the porcelain and glass products. The fact that meticulous craftsmanship and high quality are intrinsic to all Villeroy & Boch products is also apparent on the beautiful home accessories which never fail to impress with their sophisticated designs and high level of functionality. While the clear vases made of glass and crystal glass are produced by glass makers with detailed handwork, the porcelain vases suitable for everyday use are crafted from premium porcelain which is highly resistant to impacts and scratches. If you would like to add a special shine to your sideboard, the premium bone porcelain vases are truly captivating with their elegant shimmer, exuding fine exclusivity.

Unlimited exclusivity

Today, special ornamental vases from antique times are some of the most expensive works of art ever auctioned. For example, a Chinese vase with fish motifs commissioned by the Emperor in the 18th century fetched its owner 50 million euro. This sum clearly shows the type of emotional and idealist values that beautiful vases can have. When updating its ranges, Villeroy & Boch keeps in time with the seasons and special holiday times. Whether Christmas or Easter, spring or winter, the numerous vases match the season and become selected eye-catchers for suitable moments. The lovely vessels also make the ideal wedding or anniversary gift, or gift for a topping out ceremony, and when unwrapped, enhance buffets, window sills and tables.

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