Modular formats

Fliesenserie TIMELINE

Tile ranges from Villeroy & Boch are generally modular, i.e. tiles of different formats can be laid together according to a modular grid system, duly observing the nominal dimension.

The modularity of all available formats is a defining characteristic of interior design products offering high aesthetic quality. This provides boundless scope for design - from extreme format and colour mixes to plain-coloured tiling patterns which use the joint as a design element. This option is demonstrated particularly vividly by a mixture of mosaics with the small formats, for example, with the joint pattern playing a key role in the overall appearance.

The format of the inside and outside corners is also coordinated with the glazed vitreous and porcelain stoneware tiles, enabling tiles and their joints to be continued seamlessly from the wall on to the floor tiling. An aesthetic plus which also has the functional benefit of facilitating care of the tiling.