Vilbostone & Vilbostoneplus

Vilbostone porcelain stoneware permits a wealth of different surface designs featuring unusual colour and sheen effects. vilbostone porcelain stoneware is available both glazed and unglazed, with a matt, polished, rough-polished or relief surface finish and in various classes of slip resistance.

Unglazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware with a matt or rough-polished surface finish have the vilbostoneplus seal, which renders the tiles parti-cularly resistant to dirt and stains. During the manufacturing process, the structure of the tile surface is sealed in order to further increase the tiles’ resistance to staining and dirt, as a result of which subsequent treatment with impregnating agents is no longer necessary. Unglazed vilbostoneis particularly suitable for heavily-used floors in public areas. It offers a high level of resistance to frost and chemicals and is colour- and light-fast