Modularity or the freedom to harmoniously combine different formats

Even in ancient times, different coloured additives were used to enhance concrete-like floors. Some of these old terrazzo floors are still well preserved and continue to impress us today with their handcrafted look.

In the present day, progressive ceramic technologies are used to combine the aesthetic advantages of different materials in a technically sophisticated way in order to create extremely durable, functional products. As a mix of stone and concrete effects, OUTSTANDING is a range with an impressively natural character for modern architecture.

With its modular variety of forms in four harmonious colours and high R10 slip resistance, when installed in public buildings, such as schools, administrative buildings, and sports and wellness facilities, it evokes the beauty of old terrazzo floors. OUTSTANDING can also be installed in residential buildings, where it is impressively in keeping with an urban, liberal lifestyle, as demonstrated by the fact that all formats can be combined.

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