Uncomplicated coffee pleasure with a trendy flower decor.

A stylish design blossoms!

Thanks to the latest Caffè Club Fiori decor, unmistakable blooms are now sprouting on the new cups and plates in the Caffè Club collection. A combination of the most popular colours, Caramel, Berry and Steam, creates a completely new, fresh look with a wonderful, warm feeling. – An exciting addition to the Caffè Club Uni and Caffè Club Floral series. At home, too!

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Mix & Match in any shape.

Villeroy & Boch keeps its unique Caffè Club concept alive with Caffè Club Fiori! The new flower decor is available on cups, saucers and mugs for every coffee speciality. Perfectly adapted to the use of standard fully automatic coffee machines, capsule or pad machines. Combinable as you please with existing decors. A real pleasure!

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