An impression of festive sophistication

Elegant, graceful, charming: Anmut Platinum is a pattern that satisfies the highest demands for material and design. No other porcelain service has surpassed this series –  crafted of fine white Premium Bone Porcelain- in timeless beauty. This decor transforms any special occasion into a glamourous festivity.

Classic aesthetics

Anmut Platinum captivates with a synthesis of the pure, velvety white of its porcelain base and a noble platinum band around the rim of each piece. This fine, shimmering detail brings forth a note of casual elegance to the pattern, while also lending the series an air of stylish subtlety. The Premium Bone Porcelain serves as the foundation for the pattern’s high-class appearance and characteristically light transparency.

Refined design language

The reserved and harmonious base form of this collection perfectly highlights the opulent adornment of real platinum on this pattern. Moreover, the decorative platinum elements complement the smooth and discreet aesthetics of the Anmut form. Anmut Platinum convinces by dint of its versatile combination options. Your creative abilities for setting impressive table arrangements will be limitless.