Built-in sinks from Villeroy & Boch

An elegant individual feature for your kitchen

Villeroy & Boch's high-quality ceramic built-in sinks make washing up a pleasure. Hygiene and attractive aesthetics come together with functionality and a clear style language in these innovative designer items. From classic and stylish to modern and futuristic, you can find the perfect built-in sink for every taste here.

Built-in sink Flavia 60
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Practical benefits and elegant aesthetics

As the most frequently used kitchen utensil, the sink is the hub of every kitchen. It is where plates and pots are washed, as well as fresh vegetables, fish, meat and other ingredients for delicious meals. When slicing and filleting, the sink’s drainage area provides a supporting surface for chopping boards and practical strainer bowls, while wire baskets can be suspended directly in the sink for easier washing up. To assist you with all these tasks while at the same time bringing an attractive style feature into your home, VIlleroy & Boch offers beautifully designed built-in sinks in striking looks with impressive features for everyday use and great durability.

Harmony of colours and shapes

The combination of harmonious shades and the creation of a consistent design language have a very important influence on the overall atmosphere of a room. With its high quality built-in ceramic sinks in a multi-faceted range of colours and designs, Villeroy & Boch therefore allows you to choose the perfect version to coordinate ideally with your interior design. Discover built-in sinks in soft browns or elegant greys, which look great combined with a natural stone worktop. Expressive on-trend colours, such as sunny yellow, cheerful coral or invigorating green, are ideal for creating striking highlights. The wide spectrum of shapes makes the selection process a very special pleasure.

Easy-to-clean ceramic sinks

For centuries, people have been using ceramic products made from natural materials for a wide range of purposes. Ceramic's great resistance and durability also shine through in Villeroy & Boch's high-quality built-in sinks. As well as reliable resistance to heat and cold, they are also resistant to scratches, impacts and shocks. The innovative CeramicPlus surface finish on these sinks makes laborious cleaning a thing of the past. All kinds of liquids simply roll off, taking with them particles of dirt - for perfect purity and hygienic cleanliness.