The perfect setting for your own personal well-being experience

A moment filled with peace and relaxation, a break from everyday life, simply being present in the here and now. Feeling tension melt away as your mind finds stillness. A perfect moment that is yours alone – pure well-being. When it comes to enjoying these moments of peace and mindfulness, there is nowhere quite like a bath. Feel the comforting warmth of the water caress your body and simply melt away any tension from the day, and the bubbling water relax your tired muscles in a perfect haven of relaxation. A Villeroy & Boch whirlpool tub allows you to savour a very individual well-being moment in your own home spa.

Create your personal well-being oasis

As well as the relaxing effect of the water, your whirlpool tub offers additional options to help you create the perfect home spa.<br/> Light has a significant effect on our mood and well-being. An integrated light strip with changing colours and an illuminated waterfall in your whirlpool tub create the perfect atmosphere: choose rich yellows and reds for a refreshing feel or deep blues and greens for pure relaxation. You can also use music to add to the atmospheric and calming effect of the rippling water. A Bluetooth-enabled integrated stereo system will convey the melodic sounds directly to your home spa whirlpool tub.

Your individual well-being package

Make yourself really comfortable. There is nothing worse than that feeling of something pinching or nipping when you are trying to relax. The ergonomically shaped seats and the comfortable neck cushions allow you to enjoy the time in your whirlpool tub without any distractions.<br/> You can also use different JetPaks to tailor your spa experience in the outdoor hot tub to your wishes and mood. Choose between gently swirling water or an invigorating massage. The high temperature of the water and the massage effect also boost circulation, making your skin more elastic, your complexion rosier and promoting more restful sleep – to ensure you look as relaxed as you feel.

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