Just Silence

So, all things considered - it's highly recommended!

The streamlined design of the Just Silence hot tub coordinates beautifully with our garden and even in the evening when it's closed, the subtle but effective lighting makes it a real feature. The workmanship is flawless, the pool is quiet and very economical in winter. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the warm, bubbling water of a Just Silence pool surrounded by frosted branches and a flurry of snowflakes - without having to worry about getting a nasty shock when the electricity bill arrives.

The JetPaks can be exchanged and repositioned so its easy to combine your favourite place to sit with your favourite nozzles. The different JetPaks are of varying intensity and instil a sensation of total well-being within a very short time. The maintenance costs for the pool and the work involved in treating the water are reasonable. So, all things considered - it's highly recommended!

Submitted by: www.garten-elfen-art.de

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