Care & cleaning
Villeroy & Boch wellness products boast particularly high-quality materials that, thanks to their easy-care properties, such as pore-free smooth surfaces, ensure genuine relaxation in the bathroom.  With minimum cleaning effort, long-term enjoyment of the wellness products in your bathroom is guaranteed.

The right cleaning method

Both acrylic and Quaryl® are very easy to clean, thanks to their non-porous and completely smooth surfaces. All that is needed to maintain their shine is regular cleaning using a sponge and a liquid cleaning product suitable for plastic materials such as acrylic. Vinegar-based cleaning products or special limescale removers can be used to easily remove limescale marks. To remove lipid-replenishing substances, use an alkaline cleaner, for example, normal washing-up liquid.

The whirlpool systems from Villeroy & Boch meet the highest safety and hygiene requirements. To guarantee hygiene, some models are fitted with special jets or have a fully automatic cleaning system. This is activated automatically when the bathwater has emptied. The lines are then blown dry with air.  Blow-drying can also be activated manually, for example, if water gets into the system during cleaning. To guarantee safe operation, all water-based whirlpool systems are fitted with a special hair trap. This ensures that there is no water intake if the outlet is blocked. All systems are fitted with a level sensor  to prevent dry running to ensure that the whirlpool cannot be switched on if there is no water in the bath.