Enjoy a cosy Christmas with our classic, modern or Scandinavian Christmas collections.

Choose your Christmas favourite and, with a little luck, you could win one of 6 festive decoration and tableware sets. Enjoy a cosy Christmas in the Nordic hygge tradition with the Scandinavian-style Winter Glow. The modern black decoration items in the Black XMAS series in combination with the striking Manufacture Rock tableware will create a stylishly modern atmosphere in your home. Or if you prefer a more traditional look, opt for the classic Christmas decors of Toy’s Delight.


The winners will be notified by email.

Choose one of three Christmas tableware and decoration sets
2x Winter Glow
Decoration and tableware sets for 4 people

4x wine goblets, 4x water glasses, 4x dinner plates, 4x dessert bowls, 4x mugs with handles, 1x tree tealight holder, 3x doughnut candleholders, 1x vase

2x Black XMAS
Decoration and tableware sets for 4 people

4x champagne glasses, 4x whisky tumblers, 4x dinner plates, 4x bowls, 4x Collier mugs, 1x Collier Carré vase, 1x Collier Perle vase, 1x large paper tree, 1x small paper tree, 2x swing candleholders, 1x large stag

2x Toy's Delight
Decoration and tableware sets for 4 people

4x red wine goblets, 4x long drink glasses, 4x dinner plates, 1x La Boule, 2x tealight holders, 1x tableware ornament set, 1x coffee pot tealight holder