• Celery stalks
• Kiwi, apple, pear or cucumber
• Cherry tomatoes or grapes
• Cream cheese
• Icing sugar
• Lemon juice
• Sugar eyes
• Cress or fresh herbs (e.g. mint)

Quick fruit and veggie snails

Preparation time: 15 minutes


1. Wash and dry the fruit and vegetables. Cut the kiwi, apple, pear or cucumber into slices.

2. Cut the celery into sticks of about 10 cm long. Cut a thin slice off the curved side of the sticks lengthways so that the sticks can sit flat on a plate without rolling away. Fill a piping bag with the cream cheese to then fill the celery stalks.

3. Add a slice of apple, kiwi or pear to every celery stick to serve as the snail shell and a cherry tomato or grape as the head.

4. To make the sugar icing, stir the icing sugar and a splash of lemon juice until firm. Add two small blobs of sugar icing on each snail’s head and attach the sugar eyes. Hold briefly and press until the sugar icing has set. Add cress or herbs to the cream cheese for antennae.

Story for snacking on snails:

Hello there, little snail,
please come out of your shell.

Have a stretch, long and nice.
Wiggle and jiggle, don’t think twice.

Take your time and crawl over here.
As I can see you better when you’re near.

Want to go back into your shell?
Then I’ll have to say, “farewell”.

And hey presto, the little snails have disappeared into my mouth.