4 Portions

• 150g marzipan
• 1 tb flour
• 70 ml milk
• 1 egg white (size S)
• 30 g sugar
• 4 apples (e.g. Red or Golden Delicious)
• 50 g chopped pistachios for rolling
• 1 grating from untreated orange zest
• 1 red chilli pepper
• 15 g acacia honey
• 15 ml cream
• 100 g milk chocolate from Valrhona
• 4 milk chocolate truffles
• 1 sheet of silver leaf
• 4 leaves of fresh mint
• 250 g mixed berries

Mille feuille from grilled apples with Valrhona chilli chocolate and berries


1. Mix all ingredients into a smooth dough. Peel the apples, remove core with a corer and even out the bottom. Then cut each apple into slices about 1 cm thick and cut out a 5-6 cm ring. Layer the dough and apple rings and reassemble each apple once again.

2. Place baking paper in a large aluminium tray. Place the apples individually in the tray and fill the remaining dough in the holes.

3. Now grill the apples at about 120°-140°C over indirect heat with a closed cover for approximately 10-15 minutes.

4. Then spread pistachios on the edge of the grilled apples and season with orange zest.Cut the chilli in half lengthwise, remove seeds and inner skin and dice. Heat the honey with direct heat and open cover on the grill and sauté the diced chilli.

5. Then add cream and bring to a boil. Finely chop the chocolate and stir in the cream with a tablespoon. As soon as the chocolate has dissolved, remove the pan from the grill and keep stirring until a creamy sauce is created.

6. To serve distribute chocolate-chilli sauce among the deep plates and then place an apple on each one. Garnish with berries. Finally place a praline truffle with silver leaf, set in the middle of the apple and finish off with mint.

Anmut coffee/tea cup & saucer
Anmut coffee/tea cup & saucer
Anmut coffee/tea cup & saucer
Anmut breakfast plate
Anmut breakfast plate
Anmut breakfast plate
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Anmut soup plate
Anmut soup plate