4 Portions

• 1 large frisée lettuce
• 7 oz wild herb salad or various herbs (e.g. chervil, basil, parsley, etc.)
• 7 oz raspberries
• 1 roll of goat cheese roll (about 7 oz)
• Pink peppercorns
• Freshly ground black pepper
• 4 tablespoons pistachios

Frisée wild herb salad with goat cheese and raspberries


1. Clean and wash the lettuce and herbs, spin dry and tear into small pieces as necessary.

2. Prepare the raspberries. Cut the goat cheese into slices and season with pink peppercorns and pepper. Coarsely chop the pistachios.

3. Mix the frisée lettuce with the wild herbs, arrange on plates, sprinkle with pistachios and raspberries and put the goat cheese slices on top.

4. This is delicious with a lime and chili dressing or a vinaigrette with pink peppercorns.

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