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Plan your bathroom design with our online Bathroom Planner

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All you need to do is plan your personal dream bathroom in our Bathroom Planner by 31 March 2017, complete the contact form and then send your plan to a Villeroy & Boch partner near you. With a little luck, you could soon win your own personal well-being oasis.

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Plan your bathroom design with our online Bathroom Planner

A beautiful bathroom is a personal well-being oasis within your own four walls. A place to escape from everyday stresses, to relax and recharge your batteries. Enjoy this enhanced living quality in your own home, whether as part of a new construction or a renovation project.

The online Bathroom Planner allows you to plan and create a virtual view of your bathroom in just a few steps.

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Step-by-step planning guide

Step 1 Bathroom Planer: Create your room shape.

Create your room shape.

Step 1
Step 2 Bathroom Planer: Structural requirements

Insert windows,
doors and connections.

Step 2
Step 2 Bathroom Planer: Planning

Design your
ideal bathroom.

Step 3
Step 4 Bathroom Planer: Your bathroom plan

Send your bathroom plan.

Step 4
Step 5 Bathroom Planer: Dealer search

Consult a
local dealer.

Step 5

1. Floor plan

Use our predefined standard room shapes to create a clear floor plan with the dimensions of your bathroom. If your space does not match any of the predefined standard room shapes, select "FREE ROOM" to create your own tailored floor plan. To incorporate sloping ceilings in your plan, click on the roof icon shown on the wall in question.

Step 1 Bathroom Planer: Create your room shape.

2. Structural requirements

To ensure your floor plan accurately reflects the real-life situation, the second step allows you to easily add doors, windows and connections. The 3D Bathroom Planner then takes account of these factors during the planning process, leaving you free to concentrate on designing your dream bathroom with no unpleasant surprises at the implementation stage.

Step 2 Bathroom Planer: Structural requirements

3. Planning

Select outstanding Villeroy & Boch products from the different collections and position them in your chosen locations in the floor plan. The Bathroom Planner will notify you immediately if structural requirements make any of these chosen positions impossible. Different views and angles allow you to coordinate the individual products with maximum precision and consult your designs at any time in a clear 3D view.

Step 3 Bathroom Planer: Planning

4. Your bathroom plan

When your bathroom plan is complete, you can send off a PDF copy of your design together with all your important product information and other planning options. Simply type your first name, last name and email address in the appropriate fields and you will very soon have all the information you need to turn your dream bathroom into reality.

Step 4 Bathroom Planer: Your bathroom plan

5. Dealer search

Seek advice from a dealer in your local area. Simply type your telephone number in the corresponding field and select a dealer of your choice from the list. The dealer will then contact you to provide professional advice and support with the next steps in your bathroom planning process.

Step 5 Bathroom Planer: Dealer search