Villeroy & Boch WC seats

High-quality and comfortable.

Toilet seats are standard features in bathrooms. They complement the toilet and are essential to its functionality. But this doesn’t mean that the function of a toilet seat has to be limited to its primary job as a seat. Stylish models blend in with other bathroom components to create a harmonious bathroom setting where large and small objects are perfectly coordinated. Moreover, toilet seats are essential for feeling good. Additional comfort features such as a soft closing mechanism, heating function and an integrated night light bring a touch of luxury to your sanctuary. Take into account the small details when designing your dream bathroom in addition to the bathroom ceramics and furniture – and you’ll notice just how great an effect even the smallest things can have. The toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch combine shape and function in a stylish way, providing maximum comfort each time you use the toilet.

How to find the perfect toilet seat

Whether for your own sanctuary, guest bathroom or family bathroom: are you looking for a toilet seat? We explain what to look out for when selecting a model whose shape and function are to blend in perfectly with your bathroom. First of all, the shape and dimensions of the seat should correspond to the dimensions of your toilet. You also need to choose the colour, which is a key design element for your bathroom. The many Villeroy & Boch collections allow you to express your style, from the bath to the furniture through to the toilet seat. Moreover, Villeroy & Boch toilet seats are available in many different materials, each one with advantages and disadvantages.



When it comes to shape, the toilet seat and toilet also need to be a perfect fit so that going to the toilet doesn’t turn into a shaky business. You will find oval and square/rectangular models as well as D-shaped versions in the various Villeroy & Boch collections.

Square/rectangular toilet seats

Square/rectangular toilet seats like to show their edges. Seats with this unusual shape stand out and add a stylish touch to the bathroom.


Toilet seats nowadays are usually made from plastic, but you will also find stylish wood models in the multifaceted Villeroy & Boch collections. The material that the bathroom accessories are made from provides the toilet seats with the necessary stability while also making an impact on sitting comfort. All the more important to choose the model that meets your needs

Toilet seats made from Duroplast

Duroplast is a glass-like plastic that is very light. Not even high temperatures can change its shape. This is why toilet seats made from Duroplast can have all kinds of designs and shapes. The material also meets hygiene requirements – a factor that is of great importance for toilet seats. Its antibacterial effect makes Duroblast the perfect toilet material. The smooth and non-porous surface of the toilet seat prevents bacteria and germs from sticking to the surface. Duroplast is easy to clean, very durable and break-proof.

Toilet seats made from wood

Toilet seats made from wood have a unique look and touch. Wood models provide a soft and warm feeling when sitting on them. Wood toilet seats look very natural and are perfect for transforming your bathroom into a cosy and homey place, as is typical of a country house style. Moreover, wooden toilet seats are extremely robust and contemporary models are even low-maintenance.


Toilet seats are usually white. Therefore, they colour coordinate with the other ceramic sanitary ware in the bathroom and the bath, shower tray, toilet and seat shine in one uniform shade, forming a harmonious whole. But ceramic sanitary ware does not always have to be in White Alpin or Star White. The latest trend for ceramic sanitary ware and toilet seats is black, which creates a very modern atmosphere.