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Villeroy & Boch bidets

Enjoy hygienic cleanliness and greater comfort in your bathroom

Villeroy & Boch bidets
Enjoy hygienic cleanliness and greater comfort in your bathroom

A bidet is an ideal complement to your toilet. It addresses a need for enhanced cleanliness and hygiene, after using the toilet for example.
At Villeroy & Boch, you can find a wide selection of wall-mounted and floor-standing bidets in coordinating designs to our toilets. Discover the benefits of bidets and how to find the perfect bidet for your bathroom.

Why you should opt for a bidet in your bathroom.

In Europe, bidets are widely used mainly in Mediterranean countries. A bidet is generally a low washbasin beside the toilet for hygienic cleaning of sensitive areas after using the toilet.

Benefit: cleaning in a flow of warm water is very thorough and hygienic and – unlike toilet paper – very gentle on the skin. Cleaning with water also creates a pleasantly fresh sensation. If you wish, you can of course use the bidet after cleansing with toilet paper.

Thanks to its optimal height and easy access, a floor-standing or wall-mounted bidet is also ideal for washing your feet. Whatever you use it for and whichever installation you choose, there are two different methods of use: cleaning in a stream of water from the bidet taps or closing the outlet and filling the basin with water. Try it for yourself and experience the comfort and hygienic freshness of a Villeroy & Boch bidet.

Wall-mounted or floor-standing – which bidet is best for your bathroom?

Should you choose a wall-mounted bidet or would you prefer a floor-standing version? The decision will generally depend on whether you have chosen a wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet. For harmonious bathroom design, your toilet and bidet should always be coordinated and ideally come from the same bathroom collection. At Villeroy & Boch, you can find coordinating toilet and bidet combinations from a wide range of collections and in different styles. Find out now which installation option is best suited to your bathroom by using our innovative bathroom planner.

Wall-mounted bidets

Wall-mounted bidets come in a wide variety of designs and have become the preferred installation option for modern bathrooms in particular. They are mounted in your chosen location on the wall. A frame system is required, however this is now standard in many new builds. Benefit: Easier cleaning of the floor under the bidet in comparison to floor-standing bidets. It can also be mounted at different heights – ideal for tall people.

Floor-standing bidets

A floor-standing bidet with a pedestal is often included in classic bathroom collections. Its attractive design makes it the perfect complement to an elegant floor-standing toilet. In old buildings, the outlet often leads into the floor which means that the only possible option is a floor-standing bidet, as this configuration is not compatible with the installation of a wall-mounted model.

Points to note when installing a bidet.

Whether you opt for a wall-mounted or floor-standing model, a bidet is usually positioned directly beside the toilet. This allows it to be used immediately after using the toilet, and paired with a toilet in matching dimensions it creates a consistent look in the bathroom. Compact bidets are a space-saving alternative for smaller bathrooms, with a length of just 480 mm in comparison to the standard 560 mm. > Go to the Subway and Architectura compact bidets


Consider your bidet at an early stage of the planning process as, in addition to the toilet, it too will require connections for hot and cold water and an outlet. The bidet itself can usually be installed very quickly and easily. Many wall-mounted bidets are installed from below, eliminating visual distractions such as fixing holes or protective caps. All you can see is a consistent surface with a contemporary elegant look. Many Villeroy & Boch floor-standing bidets are also available in this harmonious design.

You will also need to consider bidet taps in addition to the actual bidet. We recommend a flexible spray tap to allow you to adjust the direction of the water flow. Practical accessories such as a towel ring and a soap dish above the bidet add the perfect finishing touches.

Find out more about individual bathroom planning.