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Shower tray

Squaro Infinity

Squaro Infinity Shower tray, Shower trays (Quaryl), Shower trays, Customised shower trays, Flush-fitting shower trays, Accessible solutions, Accessible shower trays, Square shower trays
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Squaro Infinity Shower tray, Shower trays (Quaryl), Shower trays, Customised shower trays, Flush-fitting shower trays, Accessible solutions, Accessible shower trays, Square shower trays

Shower tray

Squaro Infinity

1000 x 1000 x 40 mm UDQ1010SQI1MV

Colour: Anthracite








Stone White
Stone White
Stone White



  • Squaro Infinity shower trays can be made to measure for a perfect fit
  • Square shower trays provide scope for flexible positioning in the bathroom
  • Shower tray can be installed flush
  • Bespoke shower trays thanks to millimetre-precise cutting
  • Made from very impact-resistant, shock-resistant and scratchproof Quaryl®
  • Choose from our selection of colour shower trays for a unique bathroom design
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Product description

Squaro Infinity from Villeroy & Boch


Squaro Infinity – The customised shower tray

Villeroy & Boch’s Squaro Infinity is a bespoke shower tray available in different (special) sizes and offering the option of precise trimming to individual dimensions on site or in the factory. An ideal solution for complex layouts - including corners, columns or projections. Squaro Infinity shower trays open up maximum flexibility for bathroom design, including in relation to colour and shape.

  • Squaro Infinity shower trays feature an ultra-flat, rimless design (40 mm rim)
  • The colour-coordinated water outlet is integrated flush in the floor of the shower
  • Squaro Infinity Quaryl® shower trays are durable and easy to clean
  • Excellent anti-slip properties
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Architectura from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Architectura

Product type

Square shower trays - The perfect solution for every layout scenario

The classic square shower tray coordinates harmoniously in bathrooms of all sizes, large or small. Its practical shape provides scope for flexible positioning - from corner installation to against a side wall. Another advantage of a square shower tray is the option of rotating the tray to locate the water outlet in the most convenient position.

  • Their compact design makes square shower trays an ideal choice for bathrooms of all sizes, large or small
  • Classic shower tray style, available in different standard and custom sizes
  • Flexible shower tray installation options to accommodate individual bathroom requirements
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Squaro Infinity from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Squaro Infinity

Product feature

Shower tray installation type - flush-fitting

Flush-fitted shower trays are installed level with the bathroom floor, creating a harmonious, modern and spacious effect even in small bathrooms. Besides being a design highlight, a floor-level shower also offers practical benefits: it allows easier entry, while larger shower tray models provide improved accessibility, making them suitable for all life situations.

  • Rimless look with seamless transition from shower tray to bathroom floor
  • Very easy care
  • The flush shower tray design makes showers safe and accessible
  • Flush fitted integration in the bathroom floor creates an open effect
Squaro Infinity from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Squaro Infinity

Product feature

A shower tray that can be cut to size - a customised solution for your bathroom.

Villeroy & Boch also offers solutions for unusual bathroom layouts including corners, columns or projections: thanks to the customisable shower trays in the Squaro Infinity and Subway Infinity series. These models are also available in special sizes and can be made to measure with millimetre precision in the factory or on site (Squaro Infinity). A custom made shower tray opens up maximum freedom for your bathroom design.

  • Shower tray can be cut with millimetre precision to accommodate individual bathroom designs
  • Shower tray can be cut to size in the factory or on site (Squaro Infinity)
  • Bespoke shower trays are available in numerous special sizes
  • Open up flexibility for bathroom design
Quaryl® from Villeroy & Boch


Quaryl® - Nature perfected.

Quaryl® is an innovative material from Villeroy & Boch, consisting of quartz and acrylic, that opens up almost limitless design scope - whether creative shapes or linear effects. Our Quaryl® whirlpool tubs, shower trays and baths are completely stable and resistant to impacts and scratches. The non-porous, easy-clean, anti-slip surface also feels gentle against the skin - a perfect choice for your spa bathroom.

  • Quaryl® is resistant to impacts, shocks and scratches as well as having a sound-absorbing effect
  • Quaryl® allows the creation of non-porous, easy-care surfaces that are resistant to accumulation of deposits
  • Skin-friendly material with heat-insulating properties
  • Quaryl® has excellent anti-slip properties (TÜV-LGA tested)
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Optional features

Squaro Infinity from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Squaro Infinity

Optional customisation

Coloured shower trays - for more individuality in the bathroom

White is a classic colour for bathroom sanitary fittings. However, for all those in search of a different look or very harmonious bathroom design, Villeroy & Boch offers a variety of colour shower trays. Depending on the model, these shower trays are available in a selection of matt or gloss colours and patterns - perfect for creating highlights and adding and a stylish individual note to the bathroom!

  • Available in various gloss and matt colours
  • Coloured shower trays can be coordinated with the tiles to create a harmonious look in the bathroom
  • Create highlights in your bathroom with patterned shower trays
  • Colour shower trays open up scope for individual bathroom design
MEPA Aquaproof from Villeroy & Boch

Optional accessory

MEPA Aquaproof - Stable. Flexible. Waterproof.

Certain technical rules and building requirements need to be observed in relation to shower tray seals. To provide you with everything you need for professional sealing of your flush-fitted or corner shower, Villeroy & Boch has partnered with the company MEPA to develop two MEPA Aquaproof shower seal sets that meet all relevant standards.

  • Suitable for sealing corner showers and flush-fitted shower trays
  • In combination with Villeroy & Boch shower trays, MEPA Aquaproof sets impress in tests
  • The sets include sound-absorbing strips and tile insulating strips
  • When installed correctly, the MEPA Aquaproof set meets all relevant standards for shower seals

Technical information

Collection Squaro Infinity
Model UDQ1010SQI1MV
Width 1000 mm
Depth 15 mm
Length 1000 mm
Weight 26,8 kg
Product designation Shower tray

Measuring for flush-fit installation. Technical information: Cut shower tray (side unprocessed), The installation height of the shower tray can be reduced by 30 mm if the Viega outlet fitting art. no. 634 100 is used. Please note: this outlet fitting does not conform to EN 274, All shower trays are classified as anti-slip class C (in accordance with DIN51097), Drainage capacity: 48 l/min, For cut models, please state the exact dimension in mm, see order form on page #Pages., The grey area in the technical drawing shows the area that can be cut., Quaryl shower trays are only cut to size in the factory.. Outlet cover in matching matt colour with chrome-plated strip.. Not included in scope of delivery: All shower trays are supplied without support/base, With cut shower trays, we recommend the use of a composite seal in accordance with ETAG 022 on the floor structure below the shower tray in order to prevent any moisture from penetrating the floor structure.. Diameter: 90 mm

Material Quaryl®



Care instructions

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