How to redesign your bathroom

Loop & Friends washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

If your bathroom no longer ideally meets your needs, then it’s time for a change. But there’s no need to completely convert the bathroom or replace all the furniture. Sometimes a few small changes are all it takes to transform an old bathroom. A new washbasin, a new toilet, replacing a tiled backsplash or simply a fresh coat of paint on the walls – these changes will give your old bathroom a new look. Whether you want to redesign a small bathroom or design a new bathroom – these inspiring ideas will help you treat any tired-looking bathroom to a perfect makeover. 

How to make your bathroom look bigger

Modern bathroom furniture for more storage space

Collaro vanity unit from Villeroy & Boch
MyView14+ mirror cabinet from Villeroy & Boch

A neat and tidy bathroom not only looks more spacious, it is also easier to clean. To keep shelves free from clutter, plan sufficient storage space. Ideally, with furnitureyou need in the bathroom anyway. One good example is a mirror cabinet. Use a large cabinet to store everything you need at the mirror – electric toothbrush, razor, make-up, moisturiser or lotion. Plug sockets inside a mirror cabinet can be used to charge electrical bathroom accessories out of sight. 

Choose narrow, tall cabinets when designing your new bathroom. These provide lots of storage space without overpowering the room. Multifunctional solutions are useful too. For example, a stool with storage space or a chair with a backrest to hang clothes or towels. Choose wall-mounted cabinets and bathroom furniture to create an even more open look in the bathroom. 

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Tips and ideas for the right lighting

The light in the entire room needs to feel warm and friendly. Lighting plays an important role in the bathroom. When designing modern bathrooms, pay attention to lighting too and think about what you will want to do and in which areas you will need light. Use different lights. Rather than an overhead light, various spotlights on the ceiling will create an attractive effect in the room. A mirror with an LED light will make it easier to get ready for work in the morning. A brighter light is useful to check teeth are clean or for shaving. An adjustable mirror with a light will help you care for your skin professionally. Integrated lighting in the floor creates a cosy atmosphere in a modern bathroom. 

Choose lighting with adjustable levels for your bathroom design. Dimmed light will set the mood for relaxing moments in the bath while bright light is ideal for trimming toenails. Adjustable lighting in the bathroom will ensure flexibility at all times and for every wish.

More lighting tips for your bathroom

Small decorative items for more atmosphere

How can I jazz up my old bathroom? When it comes to ideas for your bathroom, the golden rule is: less is more. So opt for fewer items for your bathroom design but choose high quality. 

Tip 1: Plants

Plants are an attractive feature in a bathroom with natural daylight. In a medium to large bathroom, place them in large pots on the floor. Use simple plants such as weeping fig or a palm variety. If you don’t have a lot of free space on the floor, arrange one or more small pot plants on shelves. Choose plants with an air-purifying action, such as a peace lily or spider plant. 

Loop & Friends washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

Tip 2: New handles and taps to change the atmosphere in the room

It is possible to create a spa feeling in your bathroom without renovating the entire room. Do you have any old pieces of bathroom furniture you’d like to treat to a makeover? Repaint wooden furniture or let it reveal its glossy shine in a pure wood look. You can also change the handles on most cabinets. Simply check the sizes of the holes and the type of attachment to make sure you buy compatible new handles. 

Would you like to upgrade your bathroom without having tradespeople in your home? Then change the taps. This doesn’t take long and, depending on your chosen taps, is not a big investment but it provides a lasting effect. 

Tip 3: A cosier atmosphere with candles

Candles are ideal to transform a bathroom into a little spa oasis. High-quality hurricane lamps and individual tea lights will add beautiful decorative touches to the room – with lit candles or without light. To add a new dimension to the experience, choose scented candles for a pleasant fragrance. 

Cosy atmosphere in the bathroom with candles