Designing a modern bathroom

Memento 2.0 washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

For a long time, the bathroom was regarded as a rather unimportant secondary room in a home. It is only in recent years that the bathroom has taken on greater significance. Modern bathrooms are becoming wellness oases in which light and colour play an important role. Design is becoming more individual. Clear spaces, natural materials and, rather than a tiled backsplash, individual effects for walls – the modern bathroom is a haven tailored to you and your needs. Consider the question: 

 what are the key features of a modern bathroom? 

Find inspiration with diverse ideas and design your personal home spa with stylish ceramics and lots of creativity. 

What are the characteristics of a modern bathroom?

A contemporary bathroom is an inviting space with lots of light. A tiled long and narrow bathroom without windows is unthinkable when planning a modern bathroom. Mirrors can be used to create different light effects. A mirror or a mirror cabinet above the washbasin is a classic feature in the bathroom. But what about a full-length mirror too? A mirror placed opposite a window will reflect daylight and make the room look brighter. If you don’t have enough space for a large mirror, you can arrange several small mirrors or use mirror tiles. 

Loop & Friends surface-mounted washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

Simple single-colour tiles are a more popular choice in a modern bathroom than tiles with a striking pattern. Consider the size of your bathroom when choosing the colour and shade. In a large room, you can use strong colours as highlights. Tile specific areas and paint or wallpaper other walls. But under no circumstances should you paint all walls the same colour. Work with highlight walls and avoid painting everything in a single shade. Another idea for a modern bathroom is wallpaper: special large designs with landscapes or patterns give the bathroom personality. 

How can you design a modern bathroom?

Bath from the Villeroy & Boch Squaro collection

Inspiration is important for modern bathrooms. You can find modern bathroom ideas in newspapers or furniture shops. Choose simple and modern designs for a beautiful bathroom. 

Use colours carefully to create specific effects. Modern bathroom ideas range from natural shades combined with wood and glass to monochrome colours together with glass and steel. 

  • Do you like natural materials such as wood or marble and soft shapes? 
  • Or do you love the modern loft style with shiny surfaces and clear shapes? 
Surface-mounted washbasin from the Villeroy & Boch Artis collection

The more examples of bathrooms you see, the more closely the result will reflect your visions. In modern bathrooms without continuous tiled backsplashes, you can paint the walls yourself and easily put up hooks, shelf solutions or mirrors. 

Tip: To store clean guest towels within sight and in easy reach, you can find practical wall solutions that look a little like magazine racks.  

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Modern design for small, medium and large bathrooms

If you want to create a modern look in your bathroom, the available space will be a deciding factor as well as your individual taste and needs. 

Tips and ideas for a modern bathroom

You can find some initial ideas here to help you design a modern look in your bathroom. Pick out different parts of the bathroom examples, for instance wall colours or a stool, to give your bathroom a contemporary new look step by step. 


Idea 1: Modern design for a medium-size urban bathroom

Memento 2.0 washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

In this bathroom example, the walls are in grey-green. The wall behind the washbasin consists of glass in a matt slate shade. The vanity unit in grey wood is mounted on the wall. A wall cabinet and mirror cabinet – also in grey wood – provide storage space. The floor consists of large tiles in a medium slate shade. The large walk-in shower features a blend of grey and green tiles. A heated towel rail beside the shower keeps towels warm. A wooden stool provides a place to sit and storage for dirty laundry. Two matt glass shelves display grey fabric boxes and some leafy plants. 

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Idea 2: Large Scandinavian-style bathroom

Collaro surface-mounted washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

A large open wooden vanity unit with two round stone washbasins stands in front of a dark-blue wall opposite the window. A large leafy plant sits on a stool next to it. On the wall above each washbasin is a round mirror with a deep wood frame. In the corner there is a freestanding oval bath. Opposite the bath, a plasterboard wall creates a recess for the oval, wall-mounted toilet. There is a large walk-in shower on the other side. Illuminated recesses in the plasterboard wall provide space for shower gel and shampoo. The wall behind the shower is tiled in a light colour and the floor consists of large light tiles. 

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