Step by step: refurbishing your home

Refurbishing your home step by step

If you are planning to refurbish your home, a refurbishment schedule will be very helpful. This will guide you through the process step by step and make sure you don’t forget anything. It will also help you to keep the costs under control. Home refurbishment step by step – what is the best approach? This article explains how and where to start, outlines what you will need and factors to be aware of. 

What kind of condition is your home in?

The current condition of the property will determine the rest of the process. As soon as this is clear, you can draw up the refurbishment plan for your home on this basis. The plan will set out in detail what actually needs to be done.    

To determine the current condition and associated building work, it can be useful to seek expert advice. An expert will be able to identify concealed defects and difficulties too. Any unidentified problems in the building fabric will take your refurbishment plan and the estimated budget to a whole new level. When planning a home refurbishment, work your way from the basement to the roof step by step according to the following elements and technical aspects: 

  • Static and building fabric 
  • Basement 
  • Facade 
  • Roof 
  • Electrics 
  • Heating system 
  • Gas, water, sanitation 

Record the condition of the technical aspects and elements, then next to this write the desired target condition after the refurbishment. The gap between the current and target condition will clarify the step-by-step approach you need to take to refurbish your home. 

Refurbishing your home – step by step

Man laying tiles

Once you have recorded the basic technical aspects and elements for your home refurbishment, you can move on to the renovation work. This will include interior fittings and plastering work as well as painting and varnishing. In the same way as for the refurbishment concept, draw up an overview for your house. Give this second list a title along the lines of “Home refurbishment – step by step” and record each interior fitting task individually.  


Basic planning for a refurbishment

The comparative list for the current and target condition will help you work out the steps required to achieve this. If you are not a specialist, it is a good idea to work with tradespeople who can assess the situation on site and advise on available options.. 

If you want to refurbish your house yourself, it is important to be realistic about your own skills. A great deal of specialist expertise is required for many refurbishment tasks. Any mistakes will usually result in time-consuming and expensive repair works. In this respect, it is generally advisable to seek expert advice.  

When refurbishing a house, it is important to carry out individual measures in the correct sequence. For example, start with insulation work and then install the heating system, as its performance will be determined primarily by the insulation values for the house.  

How do I refurbish a house?

As a rule of thumb, start with work on the building fabric and rectify any static-structural defects. This could be mould in the walls, a leaky roof or an alarming crack in the basement walls. Then work your way from the outside towards the inside. For example, insulate the basement, facade and roof first. Specialist work for gas, water, heating and electrics comes next. You can then move on to the interior fittings later. 

Always keep an eye on the financial side during your home refurbishment. Divide your available funds into budgets that can be used for different trade work. It is useful to do this using flat rates. When planning your home refurbishment, record the budgets after the individual items on your refurbishment plan. Start by working approximately with average values and then adjust the figures later when you have firm quotations. The overview might look something like this: 

What? Ist-Zustand Target condition Budget
Roof 200 m² area uninsulated, roofing in order new insulation ca. 10.000 Euro
Heating Oil heating Heat pump approx. 25,000 euros

While drawing up your budget plan, you will inevitably be dealing with costs and services for the refurbishment. If you don’t yet have an answer to the question “Refurbishing my home - what do I need to do?”, drawing up the refurbishment plan will provide a good initial overview. The next step is to gather different quotations and oversee the construction work.