Planning an energy refurbishment of your home

Energy refurbishment of a house - energy classes

Refurbishing energy aspects of your home offers great potential for savings due to huge reductions in energy consumption in an energy-efficient property. And there are even more good reasons to consider an energy refurbishment. 

Future energy purchase costs are eliminated, as investing in renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydraulic power means they are delivered to your home free of charge. An energy-efficient home produces far less CO2 and therefore helps to protect the environment. Not least, an energy refurbishment will increase the value of a property. These are all good reasons to implement energy-saving measures. Read on to find out when a heating refurbishment is worthwhile, important points to note, the associated costs and everything you need to know about energy refurbishment. 


What does energy refurbishment involve?

An energy refurbishment encompasses all measures that improve the efficiency of energy consumption. To achieve this, the property is inspected all the way from the foundation slab to the ridge of the roof for potential energy efficiency measures and optimisations. If energy efficiency is the main focus of the refurbishment, it will include the following key measures and elements:

House roof with photovoltaic system

  • Energy-efficient heating  
  • Sealing or replacing windows and doors  
  • Insulating the basement 
  • Insulating the outer shell 
  • Roof insulation 
  • Use of energy-efficient technology using renewable energies, for example geothermal pumps, solar heating systems, photovoltaic systems 
  • Ventilation system for controlled ventilation and heat recovery in living areas 
  • Installation of sun shields, protection from heat in summer 

What costs might arise?

It is obvious that an energy refurbishment means costs. But you can reduce these costs by applying for funding from state programmes. Taking into account public grants or loans and future energy savings, a carefully planned energy efficient refurbishment can be amortised in around twenty years. The following costs provide a rough guide and are indicative values: 

Building measure Costs
New windows 500 to 1,000 euros each 
New external doors 1,500 and 10,000 euros each 
New heating system 6,000 to 15,000 euros 
Solar heating system 5,000 to 10,000 euros 
Facade insulation  6,000 to 20,000 euros  

Clever combinations of refurbishment measures can help you harness potential energy savings. Certain measures you were planning anyway could be combined with new energy-saving measures. For example, combining planned roofing work with the installation of roof insulation, as you will then need to pay scaffolding costs just once. 


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