Tips: How to design your bathroom

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Do you want your bathroom to be more than simply a room for showering? Or have you realised that your bathroom is no longer suitable for your daily routine? To make changes, you don’t need to start refurbishing the entire bathroom at once, just a few ideas will help to transform your bathroom into a relaxing space. A large walk-in shower instead of a small bath and a recessed shower, more shelves, the right lighting, high-quality tiles and shiny ceramics, or finally a clever organisation system – you don’t always need to call on professionals for bathroom design. Some design ideas and courage are all you need to give your bathroom a dazzling new look! You can find ideas and tips here to resign and refurnish your bathroom.

A few steps to your dream bathroom

Planning a bathroom with Villeroy & Boch

Even small changes will make your bathroom feel like a home spa. Are you not sure how to plan a new look for your bathroom? Start with the floor plan and current fittings when designing a modern bathroom

  • Are there any unused recesses or free wall space – for example, beside the door? 

  • What irritates you in everyday use? 

  • Do you have enough space for towels – to store and hang them? 

  • Is there a place for dirty towels or laundry? 

  • Do you like the colours? 

To plan and create a sustainable bathroom design, you don’t necessarily need to embark on an extensive refurbishment. In particular, you can design a small bathroomsuccessfully with a few clever changes. Work out what you find irritating in the current set-up and start from there. Even replacing the vanity unit or lighting will change the feel in the room. A new colour on the walls, light curtains at the windows or some plants will create a homely feel in a functional room. 

The online Bathroom Planner allows you to plan your bathroom online according to your wishes and requirements in just a few steps.

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Design ideas for a beautiful bathroom

Are you not sure what you can redesign in your bathroom? Find inspiration with these bathroom ideas. 

Planning a Nordic-style bathroom

Idea 1: Nordic-style bathroom

Simple shapes, natural materials and light colours are the hallmarks of Nordic style . A wooden vanity unit with a surface-mounted washbasin in natural stone and a narrow wooden mirror cabinet on the wall to store all toiletries.
Would you like a vanity unit with two washbasins? Rather than a large mirror cabinet, hang a separate mirror cabinet above each of the washbasins. A wooden chair to hold clothes is beside the washbasin.
A slender palm adds a green note to your bathroom – in an smaller space, you can arrange pot plants on a shelf. Choose light-coloured tiles for the floor or opt for wood, or a wood look. 

Artis surface-mounted washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

Idea 2: Happy family bathroom

A family bathroom needs to be both functional and adaptable to support routines and changing needs as children grow. A step and an attractive stool are ideal to help younger children reach the washbasin or toilet. Choose a stool with integrated storage space – this will keep dirty laundry out of sight and off the floor
One of the most important tips for practical bathroom decor: use hooks in different shapes or colours to allow each member of the family to recognise their own. A toilet seat that can be lowered and also made smaller ensures greater safety for young children. Choose fresh colours such as a vibrant blue, green or yellow for the walls. 

Would like to see more styles for inspiration? 

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Our tips for your relaxing haven

These bathroom ideas and trends will help you transform your bathroom into an atmospheric home spa.