Bathroom design: design ideas for the bathroom

Design idea from Villeroy & Boch

To turn your bathroom at home into an everyday haven of relaxation, you need the right features and fittings. How you design your bathroom will be guided by your needs and the available space in the bathroom. Would you like a double washbasin or perhaps an extra-spacious shower cabinet? Requirements for bathroom equipment will differ depending on individual life situations. 

  What does a modern bathroom design look like? And how can you design a new bathroom that is both functional and aesthetic? 

You can find inspiration for your bathroom design project here as well as tips to transform your bathroom into a comfortable home spa. 

How can I design my bathroom?

What furniture is ideal for a Mediterranean-style bathroom?

Classic bathroom furniture includes a washbasin, cabinets with different heights and depths, and mirrors or mirror cabinets.  

  Practical storage ideas are particularly useful if you are designing a small bathroom. Because the more free surfaces you can see, the larger a room looks. Keep everything in a set place to make sure it is within easy reach when needed without detracting from the overall effect: 

Subway 3.0 bathroom furniture from Villeroy & Boch

  • Mirror cabinets above the washbasin should be fitted with a bright light. Some cabinets have an integrated make-up mirror as well as plug sockets inside to charge electric toothbrushes, razors, etc.  

  • Narrow, tall cabinets are ideal for even the smallest bathrooms as they can fit easily into a corner. They provide an amazing amount of space. You can store tubes, jars and tins as well as cleaning utensils here. 

  • Wall-mounted cabinets are useful in the bathroom. They offer the advantage of allowing you to easily wipe underneath them. This helps to improve hygiene in the bathroom.

  Seats enhance comfort in a bathroom. They are available in a wide range of styles and some even have a dual functionality. For example, stools that can hold dirty laundry or with practical drawers for toiletries. It is important to make sure the seat is resistant to moisture and has a non-slip base.  

Design ideas for a beautiful bathroom

When designing your new bathroom, if you bear in mind that its features and use will make a major contribution to your well-being, this will make it easier to choose your bathroom furniture. Furniture, of course, needs to be functional and easy to clean, but it has to look attractive too.  

  When designing a bathroom, one factor to consider is the number of people who use this room regularly. The higher the number, the more storage space you will need. Always combine aesthetics with practicality in your bathroom design ideas – and make sure that the dimensions fit in the available space. Filigree and narrow furniture is ideal for a small bathroom, while more solid items will look good in a larger space.  

  Furthermore: shelves behind a mirror provide storage space while the mirror will also make your room look larger. Position the mirror carefully in the corner to create an impression of depth. Do you need ideas and inspiration for your bathroom design? Here are two design suggestions to help. 

Design idea 1 – practical and natural

The floor is covered with large grey tiles that extend halfway up behind the free-standing bath. A solid oak vanity unit supports a ceramic washbasin with soft contours. The walk-in shower is concealed behind a mid-height wall which is decorated with moisture-proof wallpaper with a cork pattern. In front of this, a chest of drawers with an oak top coordinates harmoniously with the vanity unit. The generous shelves in the bathroom display carefully chosen accessories in black, while a wide wooden bench in front of the window offers a place to sit and look out into the greenery. The day starts here in a relaxed atmosphere.  

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My Nature surface-mounted washbasin from Villeroy & Boch

Design idea 2 – nostalgic and colourful

On the floor, Spanish tiles with clear graphic patterns add a touch of Mediterranean style.  The walls are covered with textured plaster, a large brick-built recess provides space for decorative bathroom accessories. The mirror with filigree decorations conceals storage space inside for toiletries. Below this, a modern white ceramic washbasin with clearly defined angular taps adds a contrasting note. The washbasin sits on top of a vanity unit with an understated design that emphasises the effect of the washbasin, the clear shape of the bath and the attractive tiles. A robust, upholstered high chair doubles up as a towel holder and seat.  

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