Discover the benefits
Villeroy & Boch tap features

Villeroy & Boch bathroom taps are distinguished not only by their stylish design, high-quality materials and durability. Their
great strengths also include lots of practical comfort features. We present here the benefits of the individual features in a compact
and clear format.

More comfort

practical and quiet

Taps with WhisperFlow have a very low noise emission level which makes them particularly ideal for apartment dwellers. These taps are barely audible in use and have a noise class rating of 1.

controlled water power

The new laminar jet is very quiet and crystal clear. The smooth jet generates an almost splash-free water flow by supressing aerosols - for precise cleaning and even more hygiene in every day life.

smart water savings

The innovative SmartPressure technology ensures a consistent flow of water even in the event of fluctuations in the piping – for a completely relaxing bathing experience.

More user friendliness

optimum comfort

Taps with AdjustablePlus have a movable jet regulator. This feature allows individual positioning of the water flow. It makes it possible to easily direct the jet of water according to your wishes for even greater comfort.

ComfortPlus: more
freedom of movement at the washbasin

To ensure sufficient space for washing, shaving and brushing your teeth, Villeroy & Boch offers a special high tap installation with ComfortPlus. This provides the perfect working level for every individual’s height and lots of space for everyday use.

no chance for limescale & similar.

Limescale, dirt and other troublemakers like to deposit themselves on taps and fittings. EasyClean avoids this pollution thanks to a special finish. Any deposits left on taps and fittings can be removed without trace simply using your hand or a soft cloth. For optimum hygiene without harsh chemicals.

reliable protection from scalding

To prevent scalding on hot shower fittings, Villeroy & Boch has developed CoolTap. The feature offers reliable protection from scalding on the thermostat body as it does not transmit heat to the outside. 

versatility for your shower

With the EasySwitch feature from Villeroy & Boch, you can enjoy three showers in one: a simple movement is all it takes to very easily switch the tap from normal operation to a relaxing rain mode or a pleasantly firm massage shower.

Save more water

bubbling, economical and reviving

AirPlus cleverly saves water by mixing air into the flow of water. This function therefore provides a uniquely pleasant sensation while at the same time significantly reducing water consumption. Best of all: you won’t notice any loss of performance.

less consumption, more comfort

Saving water is not only a positive step for the environment, it's good news for your budget too. Villeroy & Boch’s innovative AquaSmart technology reduces water consumption by limiting the flow rate. This can result in annual water savings of up to 60% per tap with no compromise in comfort.

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