Lasting protection against bacteria.


When hygiene in the bathroom is especially important, we have the solution: AntiBac! Its innovative surface technology has an antibacterial effect and has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9%!

Particularly practical: The antibacterial properties are integrated directly in the bathroom ceramics and WC seats, making it possible to significantly reduce the use of chemical cleaning agents.  It goes without saying that AntiBac poses absolutely no health risks and offers reliable protection and safety for the entire service life of your products.

The advantages of AntiBac

  • Integrated antibacterial effect (silver ions in the glaze)
  • Optimum hygiene protection because bacterial growth is effectively suppressed (by more than 99.9%)
  • Safe for the environment and for health due to the fact that AntiBac uses microparticles rather than nanoparticles
  • Long-term protection: The effect lasts throughout the service life of the product (because it is embedded in the glaze)
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • The antibacterial effect has been confirmed by the renowned, independent BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute

AntiBac, Subway 2.0 DirectFlush
AntiBac bathroom sinks
AntiBac bathroom sinks

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Bathroom sinks with AntiBac

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AntiBac toilets

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