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Small bathroom with shower

Small bathroom with shower made big.

Small bathroom with shower

In most cases a small bathroom poses a big challenge. Despite their small size, our demands and requirements for small bathrooms are anything but diminutive. Such bathrooms therefore require optimal bathroom design and innovative furnishings.

Small bathroom with shower - Subway 2.0

Wellness in the shower

The idea of relaxation appears to be inextricably linked with the bath. You don’t believe that showering can provide wonderful wellness moments too? Then imagine a walk-in shower with a rain shower head that washes away the stress of the day. What a wonderful showering experience! A shower tray made from acrylic, Quaryl or ceramic provides a secure structure and is kind to the skin, while the glass shower cubicle provides the view for your own personal wellness oasis during the early morning sunrise.

Build upwards and store

Storage space – we can never have enough of it! Just think about cosmetics, hand towels, hair dryers and other bathroom utensils. It is difficult when a small bathroom does not have desperately-needed storage space. As the walls cannot be moved to the right or left, the only way to build is up or down. The vanity unit reveals itself as a stylish miracle of space for the wash basin.

Transform the unused area beneath the washbasin into storage space where hand towels, hair dryers and other such items can be stored, thereby saving space. You can also expand upwards. Cabinets and bathroom shelves can fit in perfectly with the design of the bathroom without being overbearing while providing additionalstorage space. A practical feature: multifunctional cabinets with integrated power points, a wastepaper bin as well as tissue boxes are perfect all-rounders, adding a stylish touch to any bathroom thanks to the many different colours and models available. Accessories such as containers or vases add character to even the smallest bathroom.

Small bathroom - Venticello
Venticello bathroom furniture

Design your small bathroom with a shower according to your own individual wishes

Villeroy & Boch’s innovative online Bathroom Planner allows you to plan your very own dream bathroom conveniently at home. Experiment to your heart's content to find out how to make best possible use of the existing space and furnish it tastefully.

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Small bathroom with shower - Venticello

Efficient furnishings for more space in even the smallest of bathrooms

Comfortable and space-saving furnishings mean that even the smallest of bathrooms can offer enormous design potential: a narrow wash basin or the installation of a compact toilet make even a miniature bathroom seem generously proportioned. A walk-in shower fitted flush with a glass shower wall integrates subtly into the space without making your bathroom feel overcrowded. Discover efficient furnishing solutions optimised for corner spaces, such as corner shower trays or taps and fittings mounted on the wall to the side, and design your own relaxation realm in even the smallest of spaces.

Plenty of other options are also available to make the space in a small bathroom seem more generous. When planning your bathroom, select furnishings in bright colours and make sure the lighting is sufficient. Additional light sources and mirrors increase the visual space – large tiles give your bathroom a clear, calm structure.

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