Smart home

Smart home – the intelligent bathroom

The future of living is digital - online and offline are inextricably linked. We at Villeroy & Boch are aware of this trend and are embracing the new smart home technologies in the bathroom. Control lighting, heating and background music in your intelligent bathroom with the simple touch of a button or by voice command. A smart bathroom lets you have everything exactly the way you want it.

Smart home possibilities

Everything in the palm of your hand

A smart home system paves the way for almost unlimited possibilities. Control every aspect of your home via an app on your smartphone or tablet, from your roller shutters to the heating system to ambient lighting. Create the right atmosphere in every room just the way you want it.

If you are not at home, the digital gadgets allow you to monitor your house and perform smart tasks such as turning on the heater on cold days or operating lights and music systems from your holiday hotel. Monitoring systems, sensors and e-keys ensure additional security.

Control heating via an app

The thermostat in your pocket

One of the smallest and most important innovations in the world of intelligent home technology is the smart home radiator thermostat. The devices are available in any electrical store and are simply mounted on your heater. Most modern heaters are already equipped for these gadgets. Simpler models work with Bluetooth technology.

A complete smart home starter set provides maximum comfort. This usually includes the gateway, which ensures access to the smart home system, as well as the sensors and a few radiator thermostats. You only need to select the wireless heating controller with the appropriate app on your smartphone and adjust your heating directly via Wi-Fi – or with voice control if you use gadgets such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can do this with several thermostats on every heater in your home. This allows you to regulate the temperature in every room in no time at all.

Save money in comfort

Integrating a thermostat into your smart home is not only practical and provides a cosy atmosphere in your house, it will also save you money. This is obvious as you avoid heating single rooms unnecessarily and have a scale accurate to tenths of a degree instead of the usual setting options of 1 through 5 on a manual thermostat. You can ensure that your home is always nice and warm, but never too warm. When purchasing a smart home device for an intelligent home heating system, make sure there is no subscription fee for the corresponding app. Various manufacturers offer apps for Android and iOS that provide the same services for free and are compatible with smart home gadgets such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Presence simulator

Preventive action with smart technology

Life doesn't just take place at home. Whether you are on a long holiday, leave the house for work every day or like to meet up with friends in the evening, chances are there are times when all of the residents of your home are out and about. A dark house where nothing moves can attract the attention of burglars. If you want to use smart home technology to make sure your home is safe and secure even when you are not there, a presence simulator is the right choice.

These gadgets automatically control all devices integrated into your smart home according to predefined or user-defined criteria. You can turn lights on and off, play music and generally give the impression that someone is home. Intelligent home systems can effectively prevent opportunistic burglaries.

Intelligent systems for any situation

Conventional presence simulators are smart home security gadgets with a number of preset scenarios. Choose a morning routine in the bathroom or a programme for the whole day. You can change these programmes via an app on your smartphone or tablet and set new profiles to suit your daily routine. You can also ensure that the system is as energy-saving as possible, e.g. by having only one light switched on at a time, with the aid of smart home technology – which is good advice for living an environmentally conscious life in general.

Together with intelligent door and window sensors that sound an alarm in case of unauthorised opening, your home is always protected, even during long or frequent absences. To round off the occupied impression, ask your friends or neighbours to take care of your mail and, if necessary, maintain the garden during a longer holiday. This way, you are much more relaxed when you return to your secure home.

Voice control

Obeys every command – control your smart home with your voice

Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Cortana from Microsoft and now also Jarvis from Facebook – linking personal assistants with your smart home is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, since the technology enables the user to operate the TV, order food and search for information on the Internet with a simple voice command. Smart homes are now compatible with all conventional assistants. For example, if you use Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can integrate these gadgets into your smart home gateway and then control the heating system, switch on the lights or play your favourite music with your voice. You can even define specific user profiles. Another advantage of conventional smart assistants is that intelligent devices from different manufacturers can easily be linked together. Whether you upgrade your smart home or set it up in instalments is completely up to you.

An eye on security

When it comes to smart assistants, many users have concerns about data privacy. It is important to remember that many voice assistants pass on data to their manufacturers – including smart home data from heating programmes or presence simulators. You should carefully review the relevant end user contracts and then decide which system you want to use for your smart home. Many intelligent gadgets offer additional options to protect your privacy. Furthermore, all apps on the Google Play Store, Apple Store or Microsoft Store must comply with European or the even stricter German data protection regulations. In turn, you gain maximum ease of use and relaxation – for example, when you are greeted by your favourite music as soon as you enter the bathroom in the morning. An intelligent assistant with voice control makes it easy to manage your smart home.


Smart bathroom

Smart home technology for the bathroom

Intelligent gadgets have been in the bathroom for a long time. Water temperature and heating can be controlled wirelessly – and much more. Villeroy & Boch has embraced these smart technology solutions and integrated them into its well-known bathroom collections. New product lines offer music systems built directly into the wall mirrors, adjustable LED lighting and wireless charging options for smartphones and tablets. For example, you can provide atmospheric lighting from the bathtub and relax in style.

If you like singing in the shower, simply ask for your favourite song via voice control and sing along – shower radios are now a thing of the past. Experience the intelligent bathroom of the future with Villeroy & Boch and furnish your smart home bathroom exactly as you wish.


Music in the bathroom

Surround yourself with smart sounds

Wake up to “I'm Walking on Sunshine”, relax to classical music or sing along to your favourite band in the shower – with smart home systems from Villeroy & Boch, your bathroom becomes part of your smart home stereo system. Set your personal playlist before you get in the shower and let it play through the sound mirrors [LINK]. Or use the innovative ViSound system to transform your bathtub into a soundbox and immerse yourself in a completely new world of relaxation. Thanks to the inductive wireless charging stations [LINK], smartphones and tablets remain ready for use without any cable clutter. With Villeroy & Boch, you always have the perfect soundtrack to your life – even in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors from Villeroy & Boch

Smart bathroom lighting

Present your bathroom in the right light

When you are trying to relax in the bath, bright lights can be very disturbing. The Finion and More To See collections from Villeroy & Boch offer individually adjustable LED lighting for your smart bathroom. Energy-saving lamps are positioned to provide indirect illumination. Switch between a warm and cold white and make individual adjustments via remote control so you always set the right scene, even in bathrooms without natural light. In a smart home bathroom, you control everything – from bright light for shaving or applying make-up to soft mood lighting.

Light in the bathroom

More to See One mirror

Versatility for the bathroom

The bathroom mirrors in the More To See One universal collection are available in many sizes and can be fitted with sockets, shelves and LED lights in a smart, modular system.

Click here for the More To See One collection

Finion Features

For a comfortable bathroom

The illuminated Finion Features bathroom mirrors from Villeroy & Boch are not only very robust and durable, but also offer continuously dimmable LED lighting.

Want to know more? Click here for Finion Features.