Villeroy & Boch Baths

Relax in style

There’s practically nothing more relaxing and indulgent than a long, hot soak in the bath. Villeroy & Boch offers a large selection of baths in an array of designs: large or small, rectangular or round, freestanding or built-in, made from acrylic or Quaryl®. Available in more than 200 colours, choose a stylish and functional bath perfectly tailored to your needs and create the bathroom of your dreams with Villeroy & Boch.

Be inspired by our wide range and find the perfect bath for your dream bathroom.

Free-standing baths

A freestanding bath stands for exclusivity and luxury and will turn your bathroom into a true temple of wellness.

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Coloured baths

Our baths are available in many different on-trend colours. Add a dash of colour to your bathroom!

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Rectangular baths

Rectangular baths boast versatility: they come in many different sizes, making them perfect for small and large bathrooms.

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Round baths

A round bath gives your bathroom a luxurious feel and is perfect for whirlpool systems.

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Oval baths

Oval baths have a harmonious effect and will create a sensual atmosphere in your bathroom.

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Corner baths

Space-saving corner baths are perfect for using the space in a bathroom intelligently.


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Space-saving bathtubs

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean you need to miss out on the relaxing comfort of a luxurious bubble bath.

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Special bathtubs

Villeroy & Boch offers a range of exclusive special baths in striking shapes to meet every requirement
and taste. 

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Top sellers

You will find our most popular collections and products here.



Villeroy & Boch baths stand for exclusive comfort and premium quality.

Colour on Demand

Many Villeroy & Boch bathroom ranges are available in a dual-colour look with a choice of about 200 colours. Our bathroom colours are based on the RAL and Sikkens colour systems and come in a gloss, matt or satin finish.

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Why choose Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: Innovation and quality designed by experts.

Wide variety of colours

More than 200 panel colours in three different finishes will transform your bath into an elegant and trendy style statement.


Acrylic quickly adjusts to the temperature of the water in the bath whereas smooth Quaryl® insulates, keeping the bath warm for longer.

Wide range of sizes

Whether large or small, rectangular or round, freestanding or built-in – you will find the perfect bath at Villeroy & Boch for your very own dream bathroom.

Complete solution

Everything from a single source: we offer everything you need for your dream bathroom, from bathroom accessories to the bath.

Easy cleaning

Acrylic and Quaryl® baths are easy to clean thanks to their perfectly smooth, non-porous surface. Dirt simply slides off, ensuring the bath retains its gleaming shine for many years.

Low weight

Are you planning a bathroom renovation on the top floor of an older property? Acrylic baths are particularly light weight, making them ideal for bathrooms in older buildings.


Extra wellness: transform your bath into a relaxing spa oasis with a whirlpool system. Can be combined with many Villeroy & Boch baths.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Villeroy & Boch baths here. If you cannot find the answer to your technical question, then please direct your query to us ([email protected]) or a local dealer.

Can you repair Quaryl® baths?

Yes. You can repair Quaryl® baths. Please contact your local sanitaryware dealer or plumber who will get in touch with our technical customer service. To find their contact details, visit Dealer Finder online or phone +49 (0) 6864 - 81 1500.

Which shapes of bathtub are suitable for small rooms?

Small corner, hexagonal or back-to-wall baths are an ideal solution for small, narrow bathrooms. They can be installed compactly to allow freedom of movement in the room. Trapezium-shaped baths are perfect if you prefer a generously proportioned bath but have limited space in your bathroom.

Which bathtubs are best suited to large bathrooms?

Large bathrooms open up almost unlimited design scope. They give you the freedom to choose your preferred length, width and shape. Extra-large baths are ideal for a relaxed and comfortable bathing experience with your partner. Or a freestanding bath for a particularly elegant effect. A sunken bath opens up the bathroom even more and looks especially exclusive.

How can I remove minor surface damage from my acrylic bath?

For acrylic, use the acrylic care set available from retailers to treat minor superficial damage. You can also use wet sandpaper (grain size 1200) and fine steel wool to remove minor superficial damage. Sand the area carefully in a lengthwise direction until the surface colour is even once again. Once the repair is complete, use polish, metal polish or a wax-free car polish to restore the shine. The options are more limited for matt surfaces as they have already been lightly polished during the sanding process. If you need to fill deeper areas of damage, you will also need the acrylic repair set (item no. UCREP0001-01 for the colour White). If you have any further questions, please contact your local sanitary dealer or installer. To find their contact details, visit Dealer Finder online or phone +49 (0)6864 - 81 1500.

Which whirlpool systems are available for Villeroy & Boch baths?

Relax and unwind with a soothing massage: you can add a whirlpool system to many of our acrylic and Quaryl® baths in different designs. Find out more about our whirlpool systems here and learn all about our exclusive indoor hot tubs here.

How do I install the Squaro Edge 12 waste overflow and water inlet?

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to install overflows and outlet fittings for our Squaro Edge 12 models: View video.

For which collections is Colour on Demand available?

The Colour on Demand option is available for selected Villeroy & Boch freestanding baths. You can find an overview of possible baths here.

Can I fit underwater lighting in my bath?

Yes, add the TouchLight option to your bath for this purpose. TouchLight is the first bath lighting system from Villeroy & Boch for Quaryl® and acrylic baths without a whirlpool system. The bath lighting system creates a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Can you screw handles onto the bath?

Yes, matching handles can be pre-fitted in the factory.

Care instructions

We have put together a few care and cleaning tips for your Villeroy & Boch bath here.

How do I clean my acrylic or Quaryl® bath?

Both acrylic and Quaryl® surfaces are very easy to clean thanks to their smooth, non-porous finish. Both surfaces are resistant to all common household chemicals. Treat the surfaces regularly with a sponge and a liquid cleaning product suitable for both plastics and acrylic to maintain their shine for longer.  Please avoid using abrasive cleaning products. You can use vinegar-based cleaning products or special limescale removers to easily remove limescale marks. Alkaline cleaning agents, such as standard washing-up liquid, can be used to remove substances that leave greasy marks.

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